AGS Moderation Penalties

For some brief background information - my brother was issued with a permanent ‘Cheating’ ban. His ban was issued on the 17th November.

Anyone know the reason as to why the ‘Penalty Context’ Section in the Amazon Games Moderation Penalties file is blank? This file is directly from his Amazon Account (Subject Access Request).

Assuming this is the section where Amazon Employees enter the reason the customer/player has been banned. Is this a confirmation of automatic bans? Would explain why it is so difficult to get the ban reversed if Customer Service/Moderation does not have a reason why he was banned.

Would appreciate any further insight.

Hello @DrMysterious.

I’m sorry about the issue but I am afraid that account bans are not handled through forums or Phone/Chat. I request you to click here to submit an appeal against the permanent ban with all the relevant information so that the appeals team can investigate this issue and provide a response to your query through email as soon as possible.

I hope that this information will help you.

Thank you!

Hi @ThunderWolf .

Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately all the information you have provided we are already aware of.

In response, this thread is not regarding his ban and/or how poorly his case is being handled but rather finding out:

If you could please answer this, that would be great. Alternatively, please forward this onto a Customer Service Jedi or another representative that can formally provide some reasoning to this.

Kind Regards.

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Please advise further.

Knowing Amazon they probably have a quote for how many players they need to ban in a week.

The more you know about your case the lesser you are to give up on defending yourself i believe.

There is a long post about that in the german Support forum, will try to look it up for you, if you like. You can run it through a translator, if you do not speak german.

If I remember correctly, the section is blanked because it contains internal information that Amazon does not have to share with the customer. That’s the short form, I guess.

It’s this one right here:

Hope that helps :blush:

Hi @Reign.In.Blood

Thanks for the information. Appreciate the link to the post also.

To quote the CS Agent: ‘the PenaltyContext field is in fact empty, but this does not mean that we do not have any detailed information about the reason, only that we do not share it and do not have to.’

Unfortunately I don’t believe this for a second as I have seen others post on the forums with their bans and the Penalty Context section has been filled out. I have requested to know this specific information and have been told I cannot be issued with it but I don’t get told why?

Further, in some countries legally any information stored regarding a customer must be disclosed if they request it. I cannot help but think that all the signs that point to a false positive automatic ban = no information in the penalty context section.

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