AGS need to focus on PvP

AGS needs to focus on the lacking PvP in their game badly.

I know what you’re thinking. “But I dont like pvp I want new dungeons.”

Yes they should have dungeons already planned and coming for the future.

PvP generates much more hype, Blizzard tried to make Overwatch a real sport for a minute(they failed) but it had so many views and players it was crazy.
The games with most players and viewers are mostly PvP.

So even if you dont like PvP you should want AGS to focus on this so players return one day. No one is watching people stream Red Dead Redemption even though its the best PvE game ever made. This is because we all own it and can play the PvE ourselves. PvP is competition and brings viewers like sports.

Please add a new PvP mode.


actually they need to focus on PvE. There are NO pvp games that have big populations. FACT.

If they want to save the game they have to stop working on PvP and FOCUS ON PVE!

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The problem is the monumental scale at which they have already failed at their PvE. It should been something newer and better to begin with. They will never fix the game they have screwed up at the core.

What do you mean by populations? number of simultaneous players?

anything name a PvP mmorpg that has ANY population.

This game can survive without ANY pvp players.


But if you already did all the PvE you are going to quit until the next dungeon comes out?

I keep playing for the PvP and hoping it becomes more than what it is currently


Osea lo que estas indicando, es que como no hay ningun otro mmorpg enfocado en pvp este tampoco lo deberia ser? porque crees tu que los mmorpg van en decadencia en primer lugar?

Please go away!

If you want a game like Overwatch, go play overwatch. This is a MMO not a MOBA I think your wasting your time in this game. Go play something else.

I would like to play a MMORPG not a MOBA.

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If you consider rust, LoL, overwatch, apex legends, csgo, escape from tarkov, valorant, warzone, etc., pvp games they all have millions of players. I don’t think anyone has ever tried to make a balanced, competitive pvp-centric mmorpg before. PvP players can literally play the same content for years, as long as the fighting is fun and there is some sort of ranking system.


New World PvP is never going to be popular because of gear. Nobody is going on Twitch to watch someone beat someone with their superior gear. If Arena was normalized, people might have paid attention to it. Me personally, I haven’t played more than 5 minutes since the Arena update because it screwed me over to make PvPers happy.

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I’m already playing the MMO I wan’t to play, You are obviously not playing the MOBA you want to play so it’s far more logical for you to leave than I.


Any focus would be nice, but they’ve been attempting to straddle both since launch with dubious results.

Lack of vision is bad, and PVP has no real identity here, in part thanks to factions being unimportant to it and companies being critically important to it.


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