AGS please clarify the Life Staff changes!?

Hey guys, I have already seen the topic brought up but there’s too much speculative information taking place without any evidence or clarification from AGS.

Can we please get a solid answer on what happened with splash healing with life staff light attacks?

It’s exhausting and disheartening to read every other player’s opinion on how a feature should work, coupled with patch notes that provide zero detail to what exactly is done.

Healers need clarity and closure, please AGS, just tell us what’s going on!


What is speculative about removing an a of e splash and replacing it with a contact trigger.

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We do know that it is now less effective as far as radius is concerned.

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Hah, sure. We know something is no longer functioning as it previously did. That’s absolutely correct. :rofl:

In regards to the comment on speculation; it’s, unfortunately, speculative because the description of the patch notes does not accurately describe an intended result. All we know, as it’s been suggested, is “we got a patch, something was changed, and something is different.” But, patches result in unforseen or unintended results, we’ve already seen that in AGS patches with other features/areas.

It’s not unreasonable to ask for better clarification of what was done.


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