AGS please consider adding more ways to get craft mods for the love of baby kittens!

Please allow us to use the mixed attribute mods; Bear Blood, Rough Leather Corrupted Fetish, Iron Pocketwatch and Iron Hook etc.
These items are already obtainable in game. It would mean a lot to us crafters if we can use these for crafting.

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How about just remove mixed stats in general. IMO, Timeless Shards are basically an admission by the developers that no one actually wants to craft gear with mixed stats. If they did, you would have timeless options for all mixed stat options but they know that no one actually wants that. So if we know they’re useless, and the devs know they’re useless, just remove them from the game.

Why can’t we use dual stats with timeless ? This make no sense . Single attribute going for so much ( 250 iron guard, 150 iron battle , 90-100 int one , 75-100 foc one. Just Dex around 5g. Why can’t we use DEx/Con craft mod or STR/CON with timeless ? It was supposed to help us craft easier


I think the best way would be to add cache of all the perk pools to faction vendor. Keen cashe, refreshing cashe, elemental cache, weapon perk caches ect ect. not precise mods but atleast the ones that roll in the same perk pools should be added to faction vendor for a small amount of targeted RNG.

It does seem like developers are completely out of touch with the crafting community, and I really hope that changes. We just need more guarantees in crafting. We shouldn’t need 10 craft mods for timeless shards. We shouldn’t be paying 3k for refreshing craft mod along with the thousands of gold we need to spend on crafting mats only to have to roll 12 times to finally get a legendary. As far as I know, the developers have still not answered the question of “What is the rate of crafting a legendary? Is it not 16.666% like it should be?” And in reality it should be a lot more than 16.666% to make it a fair comparison to dungeon drops imo.

Been complaining about crafting in literally every PTR thread since like November, but every single monthly patch crafting gets worse and worse. The cost of crafting relative to the RNG factor is pretty ridiculous. It just doesn’t make sense to craft right now. Spread the word. No one should be crafting until they fix it.

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I am not a fan of hardcore games. However, even I think this game is becoming mush.

People don’t realize how important challenge is to enjoyment in a game. Withdraw challenges and you’ll be popular at first. In a while though people will become inexplicably bored. No one will really know why they are bored.

Fortunately, for the most part I am a slow player. Burning through content has never been my style and often outside my capabilities.

Most people are not this slow. They will run through content like a plague of locusts and wonder why there isn’t more. In part this is because challenge at achieving something has been removed.

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There needs to be an easier way to get refreshing, refreshing evasion mods. These are like 5-25k on the auction house for 1 craft mod on my server.


you can farm them by doing those stupid easy dungeons.

and cheap to by buying orbs off the faction shop.

get a crew together and go knock em out stupid quick with luck gear.


for the sake of all that is holy. let us salvage craft mods off of legendaries. i have banks full of the stuff.


Grinding craft mods to toss all the work into an abysmal RNG system? Hard pass.

Working hard for multiple game sessions to finally sit down at the crafting table (aka casino) is not conducive to a healthy gaming experience.

The current gear implementation is probably the easiest way to disenfranchise players because 1,000 asmodeum (100 days of a solo player’s asmo CD) has a 99% chance of not yielding a best in slot heavy breastplate.

Very hard to recommend a class-less game that puts as many roadblocks as possible to making multiple competitive 3-perk loadouts.

War rosters are always the same 50 people in-part because truly good gear is so insanely hard to get.

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