AGS please don’t do it

AGS please don’t change the difficulty of the tempest hearth dungeon, it’s literally the best dungeon in terms of difficulty.

Please don’t do it.

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I thought it was a joke until the final boss?

You would be surprised at how many people get stuck at the corrupted Naga.

I know I was.

Yeah, all the vids I saw struggling on it seemed to be due to their GS being below 600. Really shouldn’t be an issue on Live with optimal gear.

What gear score were you testing it with? It seems to vary with score to score.

Im a fan of tough content but honestly this is a normal mode dungeon that is tied to the MSQ. It needs to be tuned for the masses and then bring the difficulty to mutations.

In my opinion it should be difficult without being mutated, otherwise it would become a basic dungeon and it would be boring because of how long it is.

Being challenging for the player makes them feel better about completing it

That is my preference too but I also understand that a lot of players are not very good, don’t optimize their gear, don’t bring consumables, whatever. They just play to have some fun. They still need to be able to finish the storyline.

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