AGS please don't let the RTA crowd sway you

Just to be clear on the actual RTA experience:

  1. In terms of pooling resources (which every company and player can do regardless of server), there were very minimal things that were actually pooled. It was enough mats to help get a variety of players to higher tier crafting. Half or more of those players dont play on the server now. We are talking about refining and crafting materials that anyone who plays the game has the capability of getting on their own, or working with their companies/factions to get. If you were here on Day 1 of the game, you’d remember that a lot of companies did the very same thing :slight_smile:

  2. The vast majority of “wealth” on the server has been locked into people’s accounts who no longer play. Every territory is hemorrhaging gold. I own one. We earn 4k a week and have a 40k upkeep, not including trying to get any buffs up. We are on the lower side of the upkeep costs too. The “big three” are downgrading almost daily for lack of ability to pay.

  3. Every server has bots. You are kidding yourself if you dont think that. What the bots did for our RTA servers was bring the price of mats from price-gouging levels who wanted to exploit people during the event to levels that are more reasonable (levels that are similar to every other non-RTA server). Every other server was able to use the market board to level, but it wasn’t available during the RTA due to it either being unbelievably undervalued or uncredibly overvalued. Now, our TP looks like the other TPs.

  4. Since the end of the event, the server has become a very slow but living server with companies forming and doing their own thing. There isn’t some mega streamer overlord that is becoming “more and more powerful” on the RTA Fresh Starts than any other server.

  5. The server was always called a fresh start server when it was advertised, when the event was talked about, when players were sent invitations and when players joined when the server opened. Never once was there any indication that would not be the case. While people wanted to take part in the event, a big part of the draw of the event was to help create a new character on a fresh start server and reexperience what the fresh new world would be like.

  6. While I appreciate your concern, with little first hand experience I don’t think you have a full grasp on the situation and think your take is wrong and you are being far more cynical and judgmental of others than is needed.


Yeah, I bought the game 10 days ago and made a character on a fresh start server with no observable differences between the others. I don’t follow any streamers and didn’t think to do any research on the servers because I assumed all the servers labeled fresh start were essentially the same. I was actually enjoying the game and sunk about 40 hours into it, but it will all feel like a bit of a waste if I end up merged onto a much older server.

I could start a new character on a “real” fresh start server, but why the hell should I have to do that? I certainly don’t have any interest in repeating the grind I just did to get back to where I am now on a new server.


You are one of the few that have a VALID complaint

I think those that joined RTA after they were opened are the only ones that should have an opp to get a transfer to FSS.

I hope they merge RTA into legacy.
At this point I hope this game dies xD

Now it doesn’t matter lmao.

It’s all moot now anyways FSS are filthy cheaters too now. The trading post has been closed due to a dupe, I shit you not.

This argument is so good i’m convinced /s

I agree with this post. Don’t let the RTA servers get thrown into the tainted fresh start servers.


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that’s what we been saying…

so in short AGS never really looked at the metrics… figures

The metrics they looked at were old from what they posted and didn’t look at the metrics AFTER the event was over.

I am glad we pushed back here in the forums and asked them to re look at the metrics!

Turns out: he was wrong.

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“event” servers should just be deleted. it was an event. start. finish. simple.

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so the people that came AFTER the event and didn’t participate in the event at all should just have to restart too ? that’s a little out there don’t you think ?

Not at all. Shit it doen

Sounds like the Fresh Start Server people do not want you RTA people on their servers. Well, on Legacy you‘d be welcome, just sayin‘.

A pseudo reason (because there are reasons as to why this is the case, and it has nothing to do with the reasons why RTA shouldn’t be merged into Fresh Start) to not have to reneg on a statement that was made out of line

Then they should have announced that from the start , the problem is that the event wouldn’t have been ANYWHERE near as successful as it was , because nobody wants to spend 100’s of hours on a toon just to get it deleted.

it’s as simple as that.


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