AGS please explain why you want me to stop playing new world?

You enjoyed the pve content, the beautiful graphics and sounds of this game. you have fun battling in opr or war against challenging opponents.

you spend hours discussing perks and builds with your guild mates .

Since release, you have patiently waited for buggs to be corrected and pvp balance to be provided ( and some progress have been made) . sometimes you even have had to give hope to some dispaired game mates.


all this could stop all of a sudden for reasons that are not in your hand.(and not sure anybody is in control )
you think you are ok, you have read and you thoroughly respect the coc. So you think all the time and good will you have and will spend in this mmo will not be lost. More adventure will come…

well my fellow game mates i am afraid this is deeply delusional.

Like many other players lately reported, today I got a totally arbitrary 7 day ban for ‘cheat’ ( first ban ever after 23 years playing mmo) .

you think : ’ ok , that must be a mistake, no worries i’ll contact the support team’

Well unfortunately the appeal system to contest the ban is littarely a fraud . you just get bot like answers. and you never get a chance to discuss/understand what it is about that lead to your ban. so you can never provide anything to show you are right. And they never provide anything showing what was wrong.

then you could say ok you got a temporary ban , you can play again now…

but why should you go on further investing time in a game that provide absolutely no safety and respect for their most loyal and active players. this is a mmo roleplay game on which some players spend hours and hours (and that is exactly why there is too much to loose risking a cheat), you cannot manage this with automated ban software it is really not the proper way to arbitrate, far too much collateral damage !

Spending more time to build-up nice gaming experience with other players knowing you could be again victim of a buggy or badly tuned automated ban software… no thanks.

Today 7 days after the ban , i can now access to the forum again, i still feel deeply betrayed and insulted by ags for this un-explained, undeserved temporary ban.

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