Ags please nerf

some noob made a new one shot build. please remove blunderbuss from the game this is just absurd Blunderbuss / Spear ONE SHOT Build | New World PvP Montage 5 (Summer Update) - YouTube



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yea adapt, stop playing what u want to play and play bb there is nothing that does it better and its easy to use

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Wow, just saw that video, how can a weapon can burn more then a FireStaff ? What is Amazon thinking ?

just count how much dmg is it ! This is totaly absurd !

I have to add another one from that video and this one is only 1 Light Attack, i meant 1 click !
Single Shot BB

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i think its shrapnel blast, not a ligth attack bu i may be wrong,

Edit. nope rewatched the video, that damage come from srhapnel blast.

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remember when everyone said it’s ss that’s busted, not bb? ah, how time reveals everything


DOn t you think it s too much dmg for BB ?
is it too much BB

Look how much dmg, it s INSANE !

That s why i think New World shouldn t have never been classless game, but ned classes, BB with Heavy Armor make sense for them but for Light Armor, it s totaly OP ! I do think that s why AGS gave so much bullet to help Tanky Player to have a chance to kill their opponent when they are trying to get away !

Game without class is so a bad choice :frowning: and AGS don t know how it will be hard to balance their weapon according to PVE and PVP … they are living a nightmare, poor devs :frowning:

probably rockin a 150 int 300 str no cos.

if he get caugth he will die fast, in every encounter he is posting in the video he is playing perfect assasin gameplay.
Opponent dont know its there until its deleted, saw a lot of light armorbeing deleted in its video, might wanna see the damage on a heavy.

Adapting to the game or the real life is accepting it and accepting it, is losing you soul in case you didn t know !

That was so awesome seeing all those healers just get yeeted and deleted

I say before ss nerf, leap strike is not a problem ;D problem is second wepon;D now ags will nerf spier , and after spoer need ags will.nerf hamer ;D

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yeah, i have encountered that build yesterday.
makes my fire staff look like a match…

Why should this be nerfed? You want people to be rewarded for not having situational awareness and punish a person for catching them unawares? A lot of them were caught with raw vault kick. That’s not something you see every day.

BB shrapnel dmg is dirty and it probably needs to be looked at, but we all know the devs will take this call for nerf as a call to nerf Spear instead of BB.

Just keep your eyes open for Spear wielders running at you. It’s very simple.


Exactly, you can get the same combo with WH

Sundering Shockwave into Clear Out (don’t get the perk or they will fly away) roll into them and finish with BB.

The funniest thing is that we warned you that the nerf in the combo (leaping strike + shield bash) would not affect the damage potential of the BB, but you (forum) insisted on it. Now they keep dying like potatoes.


Same reason they nerfed ice spike.

The 2:45 Point Black to the face :rofl: :joy:

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it’s just like when SnS leaping strike got nerfed.

Don’t touch my wh

At some point, people are going to have to accept assassin builds and start actually looking out for them.

I mean shit dude, you even show people surviving the combo several times (which you follow up perfectly for the kill, nice) so it’s not as though there “iSnT ANy COunTErPlAY”. That alone should shut ppl up about it since that’s always the main complaint.