Ags please nerf

Here we go again. BB is a burst weapon. If you take that away you might as well just remove the damn thing from the game. It’s always nerf nerf nerf. There has to be something to kill these immortal feeling healers! Don’t nerf. Nerf ops ability to post on the forums.


Somebody stop this man

Yea some healers get blessed

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I’m more impressed that they are able to land all the BB’s, i never can x_x

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Bb low key trash



But people keep bringing up other weapons and not mentioning BB.


… I’m gonna’ have to try this one out. See ya’ on Ygg!

costs 100k. its trademarked

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Lol good one.

Man I did this months ago(casually) :smiling_face_with_tear: SNS was just way better

Gimmie gold

Lmao freaking called it.

Knew spear would replace the S&S stun.

Adapt, suck it up.


Lmao the video’s hilarious. Timmy’s farming our healers ahahaha.

Yes AGS nerf the SnS who is a useless weapon but not the spear who can down a light user in 2 ticks xD

Thanks to Champion’s ring… He gets every stupid buff like jewel crafting buff kind of things and increase his spell damage 16% 1 shot people with Azoth sharapnel blast.
That ring also works perfecly well with mage’s flamethrower even overshadow the Memento of lost Humanity ring which actually bis if you are playing pyromancer mage.
Also that 50 Str change buffs physical damages by 10% he is using gambit gem to get that buff fully.
Balancing bb is really hard it’s either 1 shot cancer or useless weapon that nobody plays.

must of been tough without the sunder spear

yea thats not how the ring works. I was using a fire ring. Champ ring only works on buffs that are on your enemy such as fortify and empower. Not persistent buffs such as food.

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It wasn’t too different. it’s only like 6% more rend. But I also didn’t have keen empower on the spear or attunement or anything.

nah fam its 10 percent, it is amazing. nvm thought it was lol

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Spear is op