[AGS please read] Idea to rework Endgame Zone

Hello Amazon!
I have some ideas to rework Endgame Zones, to make them more interesting and fun to play!

Strong monsters with a lot of HP, high damage, chests, portal events (very monotonous and repetitive)

Model for a conversion of the Endgame Zone

The 3 end game zones become one large zone (lvl 50-65). There are various activities in these zones that make the world feel alive:

  1. Objects that can be captured (similar to OPR). You fight Monster waves to raise a progression bar of this objective. When you finish, you will get a Chest that you can loot (with loot, possibly skins that only includes the Endgame Zone)
    The objects that have been cleaned up can also give players buffs, special offers or Azoth (a kind of dealer possibly)
  2. Saving NPCs from monsters - a event where you kill monsters to save them
  3. Boss fights that spawn randomly and spawn a chest

If you end these events, you drive away the corruption, which visibly changes the map and its objects (from evil and terrible to friendly or something like that). A progress bar at the top right shows the “clean-up status” of the region
 If the bar is full, a large epic raid boss appears. When you kill him, you will have a chance for Special Loot, which only drops with this boss. If you fail to manage the boss, part of the bar is reset and the areas must be recaptured.
 If you manage the boss, corruption progress is reduced in other regions as the corruption loses its power there.

Feel free to add some ideas under this post. It is just a beginning of an idea


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