AGS, please remove the PvP mindset from the PvE aspects of the game, a.k.a Make gathering nodes instanced, if you want the economy to not crash

Dear AGS, we all know that New World was initially designed to be a full PvP, loot-on-death, extreme competition kind of MMO, but later was changed since it didn’t attract the PvE crowd (like me) and wanted to to have a mix of both PvE and PvP gameplay.

Since the game world is not too huge and resources are not too high in spawn counts, the current “first-player-to-get-there” and “early bird gets the worm” design kind of creates a toxic and racing mindset for farming the resources when it’s supposed to be a chill, relaxing style of gameplay, something worth to get lost and absorbed in the beautiful virtual world while gathering stuff, be it for crafting, selling on TP etc. Right now there’s a feeling of urgency and stress trying to find a node which is not already gathered by another player or worse a bot, especially on high pop servers like Barri (EU). Gathering should not feel like a “reward” for playing at off-times and rushing from node to node when the server is empty while nobody’s camping the nodes. Instead, it should reward people who put in the time to do the activity, at their own pace, regardless of the time zone of the server, population of the server, in my opinion :slight_smile:

If this continues, all PvE loving players who like to farm, refine, craft, make some coins off the TP etc. will very soon leave and not come back, which in turn would make other PvE gameplay like dungeons, invasions very difficult to manage since there would be very few mats on the market.

Example, silk is something used quite extensively in all crafts and silkweed nodes are too few when there are 2000 people on the same server/map. Same with motes - the prices of motes have skyrocketed to 2-3g each and Quints are around 80-150g, which makes refining quints a waste of time, which are required to craft all end-game stuff like cut pristine gems, honing stones, proficiency boosters etc. not worth the time and money/profit. Same goes for Starmetal, Wyrdwood, Wirefiber etc.

So I feel instead of resources being global, they should be instanced and put on a cooldown timer just like the chests, so that everyone can gather every node on a cooldown timer basis. The timings for the cooldown can be tweaked based on community feedback after implementation.

This is one thing which I’ve wanted from the day NW was released, and many successful MMOs in the market do this already and don’t have any issue with market economy, like Guild Wars 2 which has been around for 10 yrs now has like 100s of thousands of players at any given point in time online globally.

Along with this also please make a limit on the max professions a character can have at any point of time, like maybe 3 or 4, so that the economy is balanced with the players not flooding the market with all types of resources, crafted goods.



Love the idea. Gathering is a pain in the ass atm and a waste of time.


They should just make the game single player for y’all. The world is yours and then you can do dungeons with friends.


(also, your suggestion would DESTROY the economy)


Thank you, at least some of us feel the same pain and share the same opinion.

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yeah, I guess you don’t do a lot of PVE stuff other than group up with your friends and do some M10 dungeons right?

yeah right, like it has destroyed the economy of a 10 years old, successful AND still one of the top MMOs like Guild Wars 2… you’re absolutely right /s

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I’d rather it remain the same, and like the competition.

Guild Wars 2 …eh. I don’t want to play GW2. Maybe you do.

Fair enough, but most people who like farming PVE mats don’t like such aggression/competition. Would you say the same if the same mechanism applied to reagents, trophy mats and elite chest rewards? :slight_smile:

There would hardly be anyone crafting any sorts of refined goods if that were the case

This only works in GW2 because the money is tied to a RMT real money trading system.

On a game like new world, everyone having infinite personal nodes would crash the market. It’s limited on purpose, aside from the fact that many do enjoy the thrill of fighting for nodes, especially in illurmin.

It’s the same reason the most plentiful nodes/items are worth pennies on the TP.

If the nodes were personal like this, i wouldn’t like it at all. And i’m not a PVP junkie either.

Alright, enjoy while it lasts and keep watching the prices rise higher than the skies!

By the way even the most plentiful resources today like Green Wood (which is practically infinite) and Iron Ore (which is more than plentiful) are priced around 0.25 to 0.5 coins, at least on my server, so I don’t think the market would crash.


Prices are pretty stable on most things, so i’m not sure what you mean by rising like that?

Ori was going for 3.5 ish on my server until they added more nodes, which cut the value down to about 1.5. If they added personal nodes there’s evidence to suggest it would bottom out similar to green wood.

Otherwise as it is, it’s been very stable with a rise during the week and a dip on weekends (more availability)

Otherwise prices have been pretty stable, if anything things are getting cheaper with the gear availability being much higher with better perks. Legendaries have been coming down in price as well, Purple preferred two perks are getting pretty reasonable too.

Maybe your server is different? I figured it was similar all around.

In any case that’s just my opinion, that personal nodes would be a bad idea.

Terrible idea :joy: unless u want everything to be worth 0.01 gold?

Fair enough, when you speak about Legendaries dropping in prices. But Ori nodes in my opinion needed the extra nodes to balance out the economy.

The prices I’m speaking of are particularly those nodes which are very few and rare to find them still intact and not gathered by a bot or some player - Silkweed, Wirefiber, Tarragon through Hyssops in Reekwater, Wyrdwood trees, and especially all motes.

Motes on my server cost 2-3g each and it’s very rare to find nodes which are still available to gather. With each plant giving just 6-8 motes and animal creatures dropping just 20-30, it just isn’t going to be enough when the demands rise as time goes by.

Again, just my opinion and feedback on what can be improved.

Wonderful idea, unless you just want to play alone with a couple of your friends when all the other PVE farming has stopped due to all players quitting and moving on to better stuff… oh yeah, but you can’t do that because everything requires some amount of farming and there’s no one left to play the game!

You guys have pvp encounters while farming?
The only “people” I see are freaking bots.


Im so confused though? Why can you not just go farm the materials with pvp off? You lose a bit of luck and thats it… also refining motes is 1000% worth it. You do realize you get a 20% bonus every step of the way when turning motes into quints right?

GW2 has npc vendors and the economy is based on cash shop gold buying (and even inventory management). New World is completely player driven. Comparing the two is nonsensical. If you made instanced nodes, prices would PLUMMET.

If anything, it should be more competitive, that was crafting could be more interesting and less RNG.

Really terrible idea. Wtf nodes instanced? This game is not League of Legends.

Buddy, this game is already worse than that. If it somehow missed your genius brain all the Elite chests, trophy mats are already instanced, it’s per-player, that is I can loot from a chest which you just looted.