AGS, PLEASE, revert decision to merge RtA servers (Dracul/Death/Titan/Overlord) into legacy

Another day, no feedbacks @Aenwyn @Luxendra

But thankfully RTA is not being merged into Leagcy. And that was what was important. Not the consequenes of that demand.

Did you even read what I said?

Nowhere did I said it hasn’t been happening since launch. Just proving the point that gold dupes have been happening and it was obvious on fresh starts.

Do not engage with the tainted.

@Delakron Another day I don’t know which character to play so most likely wont log in…

Imagine deleting your legacy character to start all over again on fresh and now get forced to join legacy again? Its a totally different world and economy with lots of dupes and issues past year. This is not fair from AGS… its just to feed legacy player count and satisfy these players since legacy will destroy fresh players

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You get access to mature economies, meaning you don’t have to struggle like you are on FSW servers, you can get 10k buy orders filled with ease, refine/craft to your heart’s content, and more people on the servers means you can do whatever you want to do, with a full party, at almost any time of day or night.

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All moot now as the truth is out and it has been decided thank goodness!

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Indeed, AGS took the time and made a good decision. Thank you to all the players who posted their many posts calling on AGS to review their metrics in this and other threads! :pray: :people_hugging:

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They just did the homework players from RtA been asking them to do and that’s great to hear that feeling of players is in accordance with the data they got about server situation

To be honest, maybe all those reports about the economical situation helped AGS to find out that dupes are happening earlier than later. Which would mean that everything was not in vain

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Pretty unlikely scenario about the reports my friend. But good on AGS for doing their homework and comparing gold values, player progression etc.

That being said, FSW/RTA servers could only benefit by being merged back into the Legacy branch. There’s no reason for a separation of players like AGS has done with FSW.

AGS lack the courage of their convictions

Maybe they have enough humility to admit they made mistakes, enough wisdom to see the changes they need to, and enough courage to public post about them and implement them? :thinking:

True… but this doesn’t feel like courage but more like panic mode, the whole explanation about economy and what not is made irrelevant given that decision to carry on with the R2A->FSS merges is driven by the fact that they said they would never do R2A->Legacy merges…

Now if having less than average gear score and money than the average player in FSS is a driving factor to allow R2A to merge with FSS… why aren’t transfers allowed from Legacy->FSS for those characters that fall under same “I’m broke and I didn’t dupe” scenario?

Note: I’m not asking for Legacy->FSS transfer… just trying to understand why is this not allowed… I thought it was due to a economy thing.

If you followed any of the threads concerning the merges it was made pretty clear why FSS are not suppose to merge with legacy servers etc etc. Lots of us spent quite a bit of time debunking false assumptions and flat out bigoted lies.

Frankly not sure why you are confused other than wanting to hash up more problems?

That said some point much farther down the line it may come that FSS and legacy are so similar that it wont matter if they merge or not.

That’s because you are over sensitive to the topic and that triggered a passive-aggresive response on your part.

No I dont think so, just curious why you felt the need to ask this here now that things are resolved and the very questions asked have been discussed ad nauseam in other threads?

If you consider that talking about the topic after it have been resolved is some kind of taboo or is done with the intend of “hash up more problems”… then my best advice to you is… DO NOT ENGAGE

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