AGS Please review other Fortify perks

With changes to Fortify from absorption to armor, It really gives an opportunity for D tier perks like Fortified Recovery and Keenly Fortified to be lifted to B tier. Keeping these perks as absorption, rather than changing them to the new armor could make these competitive choices.

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Appreciate this feedback @kbn90 Anyone else have thoughts on this?

I wish we had the best of both worlds. Fortify and rend could be a small percentage absorption and a larger percentage of armour value (for example fortify could apply - 2% damage absorption and 10% armour value increase).

Right now we have a situation on the PTR where if you proc fortify on yourself, you will take MORE damage from people using invigorated punishment (a meta ring perk), when you apply fortify to yourself in light armor, ORB of protection for example applies 2 buffs fortify and a heal, healers will be taking 2x2% extra base damage for a tiny increase in resistances… after empowers that could be 5%+ additional damage!

It would go a long way to fix the fortify changes you have currently on the PTR and obviously you could tweak the exact values, but having skills, weapon perks and shirking fortification work against the player seems like a poor design decision.

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Many of my in game friends and myself believe fortify (shirk fort and weapon perks) in general should not be related to increasing armor, but instead lower the effectiveness of % absorption. If we keep fortify to increase armor only on many perks - it will become obsolete as 5x shirk fort on medium armor only mitigates 4.5% damage total (keep in mind shirk fort has to be procc’d and only lasts 4 seconds) Thus, we think fortify should still be damage absorption but the percentages should be lowered for all perks.

I do believe changing it to armor is probably more healthy for the game. Any stat with increasing returns like Absorption/Fortify on Live, is extremely difficult to balance, especially since there are far less sources of Rend in the game. The new fortify values definately need adjusting due to Invigorated Punishment. Additionally, Shirking Fort should still be a competive perk. As it stands now, 5 ele aversion is just the better option for all weight classes, with Shirking Fort being slightly competitive for Heavy in certain scenarios.