AGS - Please start acting and fix the inbalance in the game!

There are many things that is a problem but the 2 main things for me is:

Shell company are still a problem. How long are you going to wait to do changes to this? If its so hard to find a decent solution please lower the gold income by ALOT from settelment. Shell company are ruining the game in both legacy servers and FSS.

Weapon balance. If you are like me and enjoy ranged weapon you can just forget to try getting into end game PvE content. Its hatchet or nothing (even in Genesis you are in trouble getting a spot with firestaff) if you try to do smt with a bow you are getting yelled at. Its hatchet or nothing.

Why is it PvE is melee only and PvP ranged have a advantage? Please nerf hatchet in PvE, a good start would be that undying is a PvP only perk.

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