AGS please write this post!

@Kay and others, please write this! Idk how you dont see that moment, but auction in NW dying day by day! Sry for my english, but i try to say it. 5-6 days ago, before bot attack on all servers, only silkweed, fibers and other “staying” resources will be cheaper. 5-6 days ago silk cost 0.50-0.60 per each, now - 0.21. Price x3 minus at couple of days. Next - thick hide. Now bots can farm also this, and thick hide be ~0.3-0.6 at Calnogor, now - 0.20 too. Please, please and again please - make your attention on bot problem, or game economy die. Bots worse than goldsellers, bots farm 24/7. They kill fishing, next they kill harvesting, next they kill skinning, and what be happen with economy when bots make “chest run”? When they can play like people, you cant control economy and it die. Please, do something with bots, i read too much posts on forum where people write what they make x50-70 reports on bot and he farming next week again, if u dont take control on this situation game really die, cuz it not exploit, dupe, goldsellers, it`s B O T S.

I agree on the BOT part; it’s should be pretty easy to ban them people reports bot for weeks, and they are still there; on some servers, they even have a company with all bot named pretty obviously like Bot1 Bot2, Bot3 ect and they are still there after 3 week of reporting from multiple players they go from node to node 24/7. If you don’t want to ban them due to reports, at least login in-game and tp to one of the bots reported follow them for a few minutes, and make a decision on what you see. The bot should be a priority before bugging further content.

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Blizzard can’t win Bots, you wanna AGS win? :rofl:
All, All company loose this war vs Bots/goldseller :slight_smile:

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