AGS Priority of Tasks Curiosity

I am curious as to what the studios prioritizes their fixes to issues being seen on Live. As I write this I am currently unable to complete a number of quests due to some overlooked issues such as:

  1. Unable to complete a faction quest in Shattered Mountain because I’m unable to “skin” a woodwolf.
  2. Unable to complete a quest because I salvaged some gear I shouldn’t have salvaged (why hasn’t this been addressed)

Whenever I see blockers like this, especially for this long, I have to wonder how these are getting approved to go live. It is hard for me to understand why these issues still exist. Are there no designers designated to fixing live issues? If so, why?

There are a ton of issues listed on the known issues list and yet I see little to no progress on them being fixed during each weekly or major patch. Is there someone who is willing to address the list and tell us what the highest priority is right now?

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