AGS quiet on Server Merges

Since all the server merges a couple of days ago, there has been NO mention of any future merges.

I am on a VERY low pop server, (at this moment there are 16 players on my server) my whole World Set is low pop, we need to be merged ASAP. We cant play much of what the game holds, invasions, outposts, dungeons, wars, etc etc etc. All we can do is farm. We can’t even craft as all the workstations have been downgraded. Town govenors are charging high prices…

When are server merges going to happen?

It’s a sunday evening, i want the merges as much as you but i doubt they’ll be working on them at the weekend.

Oh of course… I am in your future.
Australia… lol


I am sure someone is working though…

So is there any word on server merges please…

We are in dire need of merges ASAP…

Does anyone out there need server merges?

We: “WE need Server merges”
AGS: “Do you guys have phones?”


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I laughed when I read what AGS has said in Official News
LuxendraCommunity Manager
([Downtime] Addressing Various Issues - November 23rd 6:00 am PT - #7 by Luxendra)
Who raises taxes before the holidays? What kind of Scrooge are we?

Well… AGS may not be company owners of a territory, but those company owners are SCROOGES

Please bring on server merges. We need to be rid of these SCROOGES.

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