AGS scam fresh start players (RTA)

I sacrifice 1 entire month of my life for nothing. If you don’t allowed us (RTA fresh server) to transfer to other fresh servers, people will say good bye forever. You can’t lie like this, it’s a shame!


While I don’t think this is the right move I suppose it could be argued that ‘return to aeternum’ servers are different from ‘fresh start’ servers and they are therefore not breaking their promise.
Personally I’d prefer if streamers stayed off my server, so I can’t complain.


i mean… i also have a char there, but merging those servers into normal FSS is also not making sense.

There were People just abusing the Event missions just to make millions of coins. just so they can profit after merging into other fss.

its sad for everyone who played normal to help the event. but yeh…

either way… its shitty

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the rta was the most toxic shit server i ever was on…

and i was on like 9 or more servers allready…

Amazon has so much money that they can actually have the “that’s a shame” attitude. I seriously doubt New World was anything more than a throw away side project.



It is 100% a lie to the players who spent all this time under the guise that we would never be merged with a legacy… Shame on them.


should of played FSS instead of trying to play on a server(s) with streamers.


They shouldn’t lie. That’s all.

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And actually, people on normal fresh start servers are way more rich than RTA server. Server here are deads, no economy, no one buy anything, it’s completly dead. Actually, the economic advantage is on normal fresh server not on RTA server…


event missions didn’t give you anything , in fact MOST of the event missions were just a time sink instead of progressing our characters we were fishing for hours on end to get the objective complete , or chopping wood , or hitting rocks or whatever the objective was , we got NOTHING for doing the event OTHER then a title.

I would have had alot more money if i could have just done MY thing instead of participating in an event…NOBODY has made millions with RTA , if they have show us the proof , you came with the accusation so YOU have the burden of proof.


The RTA streamers made their money and left. Once the check from Amazon was cashed they stopped playing the FSS which is what the RTA is.

The problem isn’t that they are going to merge it. The problem is they are pushing them into legacy servers.

Why play a character that is being merged to a legacy server that you may already have a toon on?

That’s why players are upset it’s not because they want to stay on low pop servers.
It’s the fact they invested and helped promote the game and in return we get punished for our efforts.

If the RTA servers are all low pop why not merge all RTA servers? Perhaps allow transfers to other FSS ?

They have so many other options than just tossing away all of the effort and players who helped promote the game and hyped it up.


@Aenwyn just to be sure, if you merge any fresh server with a legacy one in the current or next year. I will never ever play again at New world and any others games managed by Amazon Games. That is a real hold up !

Most of us gave you a 2nd chance with this new start, don’t fail and disrespect your community.


Totally agree… And actually if they betray us, there will never have a 3rd chance.

merge: old server to old servers.
merge: fresh server to fresh servers.

we dont wanna play old servers…
we dont wanna merge or transfers to old dupe servers.

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You wanted the fresh start experience didn’t you? Who loved launch?

Too much hate. I don’t want to debate on toxic arguments.

What do you expect from people who spend more time complaining than playing, most people on the forums are suffering stockholm syndrome and find pleasure in attacking people like you and I while ignoring the reality of their duped servers, quite literally.

Nobody mentions those of us that transferred to RTA, to only be locked out of legacy servers for months like a leper.

Like anyone joined ‘to promote the game’ lmfao

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