AGS scam fresh start players (RTA)

If they go forwards they will be branded as liars and they will lose out on streamers wanting to do anything for them, paid or not.

If they decide to stick to what they originally told us they might be looked at they need to be prodded and kind of forced to keep their word but that is better than if they go forwards with it.

If people are stupid enough to support them when they are caught in flat out lies like this of this magnitude, and yes I say right now their supposed metric are lies, then when they merge the other day one FSS server to legacy at some point it will be all on you enablers.

People should be sticking together on this not fighting each other and fracturing and trying to give AGS the go ahead to con and lie to us.

This part is your anecdotal individual experience. That your feelings of your experiences conflict with how AGS chooses to classify THEIR servers, is YOUR personal issue, but not actually relevant in this case, since you DO NOT OWN the servers you’re playing on, RTA, FSW or Legacy, AGS does, AGS makes the game, so it is THEIR decision.

You’re right that they’re free to make bad decisions, but that’s not really relevant. No one is saying they can’t do the stupid, unfair thing here, they’re just saying it would be stupid and unfair.

Imo it was stupid to say they would never be merged with legacy. At some point they will be all one server set. They aren’t going to keep the separate forever. There will be absolutely no point in doing so.

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Perhaps but it shouldn’t be today nor tomorrow there are enough FSS to make several healthy capped ones by far.

Also they are shifty with their metrics, I have a character on Sentinel and it (the server) is ahead of Death by far in advancement both on what is for sale in the trade house and what is being sold in the trade channel.

I will say it again their metrics and statement about RTA being closer to legacy is BS.

Yeah I honestly don’t understand that either.

They should just open transfer from RTA servers to both legacy and FSS and let those that like the small pop servers just stay there

You can already transfer out from FSS to a legacy server you just cant go in the opposite direction.

Thus if they go through with it some of us, like me will end up with 2 character on Maramma that we cant transfer out of to a FSS and either stay there and play there, start over yet again from zero on a FSS or quit the game period.

Have they actually enabled the transfers already? Last I had heard nothing had been enabled.

That’s possible I read it somewhere but can’t find it right now so possibly it’s not “live” yet so I might be wrong on this tbh.

Honestly at this point unless I do something myself in game or know someone in game that has I use a good dose of skepticism as AGS can’t be taken at their word it seems.

This is kinda part of out responsibility as players to raise a red flag each time when we see AGS doing something really wrong. And for them, based on the number of players who disagree with such a decision, it will be clear whether should they react at all and if so, how quick should be their reaction.

With that exact case, they did it even quicker than everyone may have expected - within a few hours after the decision about RtA merge into legacy had been announced. Such a quick reaction deserves at least some amount of respect if you ask me

Except they haven’t actually changed course, yet. They’ve put the merge on hold, but they haven’t told us what’s going to end up happening. They may very well decide to go through with the merge still.

I don’t have a character on an RTA server but since I have a transfer token on my account, my other characters on FSS cannot transfer at this time (and nwdb indicates that the FSS are still flagged as no outbound transfers.)

Yes indeed you might be wrong about this.

Indeed unlike some people I don’t need something rammed down my throat 501 times to admit I could be wrong on a point.

That does not foster a friendly and positive community.

Thats feesh start servers , RTA servers are a different category

As I was enlightened, for migration purposes, they are FSS servers.

But they really do seem different to me based on the event and how people played on them. Mostly is just splitting hairs to have something to cry about.

This has been debunked time and again the last day or so…you spread misinformation when you clearly do not know what you are talking about. The streamers and everyone else saying these are FSS are correct and you are wrong.

Also FRESH START servers written plain as day right there for you to read, only thing is they open to the general public a bit later on.

Watch your favorite Twitch streamers forge a new legacy into their very own fresh start worlds in Return to Aeternum.

There I made the relevant part easier to see for you.

By every single metric that has any value you are wrong.

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It sucks doesn’t it?
Sadly… some players did soemthing and now your server is no longer considered FSS!!!

Welcome to New “Tainted” World.

No ginna lie, others mmos have a gear treadmill where every now and then your gear becomes kind of irrelevant and you have to grind again for new gear (nothing wrong with it if the combat and gameplay is enjoyable) but new world devs and community have almost managed to invent a new kind of grind where every now and then your WHOLE progression becomes irrelevant, and you have to start fresh…

oh wait… I think Path of Exile and some survival games are already doing this kind of stuff with their seasonal servers….

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