AGS scam fresh start players (RTA)

imagine game scam to players

Welcome to NW xD

The streamers are the cause of the problem in most of the games, because they bring players that will never stay, they are the main problem in all of them, you have to believe in the players and not in the streamers.

Considering the lack of players on FSS, does anyone want to play on FSS?

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They said they were emerging to streamer servers once they were done.

Where’s the lie?

Didn’t you enjoy yourself on the streamer server? If so, where’s the waste of time?

RTA servers aren’t the same as fresh start servers. Point of RTA was to play with streamers and do the special event with them and other followers

If the servers are dead then that seems more on the players than anything else

How did they lie to you? I don’t recall them saying they would merge any of the newer servers

Those servers can merge with each other (RTA into other RTA servers) but not into any of the others including fresh start. Keep that streamer stuff where it was meant to be

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We invested our time to play on new servers, it’s totally unfair to be merged with players playing since release (2021). It’s an obvious reason.

The gap between 1 year players and 1 month players is too big. And if I wanted to play with old players, I would play with my old account.

It’s a big shame to say we will be treated as fresh servers for the merging, then saying finally we won’t… Players made the choice to play on these servers by knowing they will never be merged with Legacy, that’s why we all feel betrayed.

But we hope AGS will listen and at least allow us to transfer to another fresh server (RTA are fresh servers). And if some people want to join legacy, they can do it too, but they will never come back to a fresh. Because no players from legacy can transfer to a fresh, and that’s normal because it would be unfair to import their economy here.

Every fresh servers (and RTA) start at the same time (2022, november 2), they can be merged together, it’s ok. But never with legacy, it would mean fresh servers aren’t anymore.

If they said RTA could be merged with legacy in the future, I would never choose this server because I have another caracter in Legacy with more than 700 hours played. (and a lot of players would never have gone to RTA either).

We want the fresh start experience more than the streamers experience… Streamers event are just a bonus of fun. The game offers the real fun by itself without the streamers…

Totally agree, except that you left out merge: RTA event servers with legacy servers.
RTA servers, with their locked, invitation only, no competition and code of conduct violations are much more similiar to legacy servers than pristine Fresh Start servers.

RTA servers are fresh servers. How can you compare it to a legacy one?

We all start from 0 and the only advantage we had is the queue for the 2 first days, that’s all. Then the servers became dead and the economy too… Players on other fresh servers have a bigger advantage than us, by far !! So there’s nothing unfair to be merged with them.

It’s not unfair at all. In fact I’m transferring my titan character to legacy as soon as I can. Way more gear and population stability on legacy servers.

There is no comparison. Legacy are way better.

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It’s your choice. And the good solution is to give the choice. That’s all.

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Again, it’s your opinion.

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For me it’s totally unfair to have more than 1 year late with only 1 month playing.

No, they certainly are not.
[1] Were Fresh Start servers locked and invitation only? (RTA were)
[2] Fresh Start servers had queues of over 5 hours (RTA servers didnt)
[3] Fresh Start servers had conjested zones and difficulty gathering from mass competition (RTA didnt)
[4] Fresh Start servers didnt allow naked pvp win trading. Making daily gypsum from arena and opr super fast (RTA were permitted to break code of conduct with AGS blessing)
[5] Fresh Start servers could not level pvp flagged for bonus speed without fear of being attacked and losing time (RTA servers had pre-arranged agreements between streamers, dividing territories and establishing no pvp mandates between factions)
[6] Fresh Start servers have large competiton between crafters to establish market dominance and gather materials (RTA servers were invitation only, next to no competition and free reign to gather rare materials)
RTA servers have nothing in common with Fresh Start servers other than they opened on the same day. The rulesets that both RTA and Fresh Start servers functioned under were totally different and totally in favor of RTA servers.
You cannot possibly merge RTA servers with Fresh without defiling Fresh Start servers integrity. That is why the only option is to merge RTA with Legacy servers.

And with all your reasons you think RTA are more like legacy ones? What’s this logic?
I could also say:
[1] Due to the low population, we can’t even OPR, like OPR is a big event for us to try to launch it 1 time a week maybe lol…
[2] The queues are a detail because it lasts like 2 or 3 days max. So here you compare some hours advantage on our side, but you don’t want to recognize the advantage of more than 1 year advantage, let’s be serious please.
[3] You have the difficulty of farming, maybe. But again it’s a disadvantage for an advantage. You can do many other things we can’t.
[4] We can’t even play OPR, you can.
[5] We can’t even WAR, you can.
[6] We can’t find expedition easily, you can.

But even if you have all these advantages, we’re still ok to merge with you because at least we had about the same time of hours played since our servers start at the same time.

Legacy bro… Do I really need to argue the imbalance RTA servers have with legacy? Come on… Just don’t be narrow minded.

At this point, the only thing we ask is to not be forced to merge with a legacy server, because it’s totally unfair.

And the solution is to give the choice to the player to join legacy if they want (but no come back) or to join a fresh server (again RTA a is fresh server even if you don’t accept it, we start from 0, and we can’t transfer our old caracter, that’s the definition of a fresh server).

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Yes, the streamers who were paid to promote the game left, after their JOB was finished.

It’s a problem of what to do with RTA. Merging to FSS is not equitable to those FSS servers receiving RTA players. Merging FSS to Legacy is not equitable to FSS players.

If you wanted to play FSS, you should have played FSS, not joined a marketing event YOU WEREN’T PAID to promote. The streamers did what they were paid to do. You and the other RTA players VOLUNTARILY gave AGS free advertising assistance to those streamers, while you participated in the event. Just as you CHOSE to invest your time in RTA, other players CHOSE to invest their time in FSS or stay on Legacy. I personally think you chose poorly as when I read about the event I CHOSE not to participate in it.

This is probably the only decent suggestion in your thread. Sadly, since AGS doesn’t have the technology to put all RTA event players on one giant RTA server, this likely won’t happen, but is actually the MOST EQUITABLE choice for the RTA players in this matter.

One of the major points of FSS is that they will never allow transfers ONTO FSS. They can and will merge FSS for population control, but transfers are never allowed. There are plenty of other options as you’ve listed, but they are not equitable to various groups of players as I have listed above.

One alternative you did not list, which I think AGS should implement for RTA, if they force the RTA → Legacy merges through, is to instead give all RTA players a Free Transfer Token to any Legacy server, in recognition of the free advertising assistance that you gave to AGS. This way, even though RTA → Legacy is NOT IDEAL for RTA players, this would be the most equitable solution for RTA players, under the assumption they are forcing RTA → Legacy as the only option for RTA players. This would allow RTA players to choose which Legacy server they end up on, instead of forcing them all onto one Legacy server they may not want to move to.

TL;DR RTA players got the short end of the stick, AGS should give RTA players Free Transfer Tokens to Legacy servers of their choosing.

That’s certainly your CHOICE, to say good by forever, just as you CHOSE to give AGS free advertising assistance by playing RTA, instead of FSS. AGS admitted that they revised their position on considering RTA servers equal to FSS servers, which they also said is not inline with their previous statements.

It’s a fact that RTA players got the short end of the stick, but your above statement forces them to break the entire point of the FSS experiment and break their word about FSS never allowing transfers of EXISITING characters into FSS worlds. Why would they chose this option, if you think about it there’s no benefit to them.

The most equitable choice for RTA players, under the condition that AGS forces the RTA → Legacy merges, would be to instead give all RTA players a Free Transfer Token to go to any Legacy server they would like.

The most equitable choice, under the condition of server population health, would be to merge all RTA servers into one giant server, but that would be disadvantageous for those RTA players that are not in the same region/time zone as the majority of the RTA players.

This has been debunked time and again the last day or so…you spread misinformation when you clearly do not know what you are talking about. The streamers and everyone else saying these are FSS are correct and you are wrong.

Also FRESH START servers written plain as day right there for you to read, only thing is they open to the general public a bit later on.

Watch your favorite Twitch streamers forge a new legacy into their very own fresh start worlds in Return to Aeternum.

There I made the relevant part easier to see for you.

By every single metric that has any value you are wrong.

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