AGS scam fresh start players (RTA)

No one is doing opr these days on low pop realms, and yes, plenty of Fresh Start servers are low pop, even as low pop as RTA servers are. I can tell you that during the RTA event opr happened on RTA servers non-stop.
That has nothing to do with anything. Like all the the points you tried to make, that is the case AFTER the RTA event finished. All of the points I made were DURING the RTA…
So when you can address the sheer differences between RTA servers and Fresh Start servers, when it mattered, which was from server creation through the RTA…then a discussion can be had. Otherwise you are just presenting a strawman argument, because you have nothing else.

Continuing the discussion from [Notice] Fresh Start World and Return to Aeternum World Merges for All Regions - December 6th, 2022:

I bolded the relevant part of the more recent AGS posting that refutes the entirety of your post.

So you need explanations to understand why it is unfair for RTA servers to be merged with Legacy ones?

That not really relevant, RTA are fresh start worlds and do not belong with legacy servers.

I play both on Death and have a legacy character I played since release day on Maramma and RTA server are not anywhere NEAR legacy server in terms of advancement and are even behind day one FSS.

AGS tried to pull a fast one on us with information that is clearly bogus and tried to retcon history. RTA belong with other FSS it’s just that simple.


RTA servers are closer to Legacy servers than they are to Fresh Start Servers.

No they are not by any metric that has any value and I know this cause I play on both unlike lots of busy bodies here that are talking without a clue.

That statement they put out is them trying to justify pulling a fast one on us and they know it which is why they “delayed” the merges so darn quick.

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You were arguing about the imbalance of RTA server and other FSS, weren’t you?
I am just trying to say that all the unfairness or imbalance you will find between us, it would be nothing compare to the gap there is between RTA and Legacy ones.
No strawman, just simple logic.


Lol how can you even say that? What are the arguments?

The truth is most FSS that were open since day one are ahead of RTA FSS…so saying RTA servers are closer to legacy is a laughable, disingenuous ploy by far.



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FSS players should be happy to welcome RTA players to make their server more alive. They think we are far ahead, but it’s false, we’re just far behind… lol. There are actually only advantages for them.

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You know what’s the funny part?

Since they changed their mind after saying they will never merge them into legacy, they can’t change their mind a second time, because no one will trust them afterwards

If they go forward and merge RTA in legacy server now one will trust them anyways.

Fact is most people I know both in game, the various discords I am in for the 3 servers I have a character on don’t trust them right now farther than they can spit.

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If you wanted to play FSS, you should have played FSS, not joined a marketing event YOU WEREN’T PAID to promote. The streamers did what they were paid to do. You and the other RTA players VOLUNTARILY gave AGS free advertising assistance to those streamers, while you participated in the event. Just as you CHOSE to invest your time in RTA, other players CHOSE to invest their time in FSS or stay on Legacy. I personally think you chose poorly as when I read about the event I CHOSE not to participate in it.

The thing is, we didn’t all choose to play RTA. AGS put the game on sale on Steam after the RTA event ended, advertised that there were Fresh Start servers for new players, and opened the RTA servers to the public without any indication that they were anything other than Fresh Start servers. I didn’t choose to play on an RTA server, I chose to play on a Fresh Start server with no warning that there was anything different about it.


Doesn’t matter the RTA server ARE FSS and AGS told the streamers this BEFORE the event, had them tell their peeps so and even advertised the RTA as FSS, period.

Actually in the first case they betray us and the credibility will be tainted forever. But at least, if they change again, they listen to the impacted community, we will forgive this fright lol…


Not really. No one will trust them if they go forth with the merges. But if they change their mind, people will say that they are easily swayed by players to go back on their word.

So it’s a lose lose situation. They just ruined their credibility with a simple post

I prefer the second option.
Go back on a mistake by listening to your community can be a quality sometimes, not always but sometimes, and precisely this time!

Incorrect, AGS stated themselves they originally intended to treat RTA servers as FSW servers, but they now believe RTA servers are now more aligned with Legacy servers.

This part is your anecdotal individual experience. That your feelings of your experiences conflict with how AGS chooses to classify THEIR servers, is YOUR personal issue, but not actually relevant in this case, since you DO NOT OWN the servers you’re playing on, RTA, FSW or Legacy, AGS does, AGS makes the game, so it is THEIR decision.

AGS didn’t try to pull a fast one, they admit their December 6th statement linked above is NOT ALIGNED WITH WHAT THEY PREVIOUSLY STATED. Hence the relevancy, which you seem to miss.

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If they go forwards they will be branded as liars and they will lose out on streamers wanting to do anything for them, paid or not.

If they decide to stick to what they originally told us they might be looked at they need to be prodded and kind of forced to keep their word but that is better than if they go forwards with it.