AGS should nerf SnS & Hammer to keep their logic consistent

AGS nerfed FS because some bruiser thought it was too hard to win 1v3 against it.

Are they going to nerf SnS & hammer because there’s no counterplay to getting chain-stunned in a 1v3? Especially since most of their stuns ignore freedom.

Just curious.


its ok if melee is OP as long as things that require aim are not OP

Better idea, just nerf every damn thing and put this game away. I am leaving this time sink…

So many hours WASTED playing a game, getting upset and listening to constant complaining.

It’s funny how sns and hammer can make you unable to play your character until you die, even with 5 freedom. It’s ridiculous.

Nothing like popping off and having a good run only to get shut down by three dudes rolling their face on their keyboard.

Can you show me those nerfs based on a streamer opinion?

Unfortunately this is the logic they and a lot of the player base operate by.