AGS support need to evolve?

Hello to all the people who will take the time to read this

I’am a day one player of New World, i did the 2 Betas, i played more than 2k hours,
i always supported the game and the dev team because i really like the game

First i want to say that i didn’t got any problem with the support myself,
but i can’t close my eyes on this because to me it s not possible to continue like this

Currently there is a lot of people who got permanently banned, of course some people probably cheated or exploit, but i can’t believe that all the topic we see those days about people getting wrongly banned are fake

The point I want to bring to light here is that it’s nearly impossible currently to get any human response about an appeal, neither a reason of the ban
people are sending logs and evidence to trying to get unbann and nobody is looking at them.

Moderators on the forums are telling to people that no one on the forums has the ability to assist with this and that you have to appeal then close your topic.

Today i saw on reddit that someone sent evidences with his appeal and the evidences didn’t even got downloaded.
How do you defend yourself in such a situation?

This can happen to anybody, I know people who have been banned from near and far, i know some people will tell me that i’m defending my friends and that i cannot know if they cheated or not.
first i have a friend who got banned that i know since 2012 and played more than 6k hours on Dota2, more than 5 years on other mmorpg’s and games with.

We always liked the game, played when the game was bugged, played when the game was deserted, we always supported New World because we were in love with the game.

we are part of a compagny who got a lot of golds, actually more than we need, we boths finished our gear for pvp/wars/opr and pve.
we have no reason to exploit because first we don’t need it and second we would never risk to lose what we achieved on the game for any reason.
and i think the same about people that i know from far but are in the best companies of the game! not only my server.

This situation makes me really sad because i’m about to quit a game that i loved and supported a lot because of this situation.
i remember last week with my friend we was talking about how we loved the game and were preparing the next patch, i would never though i was about quitting the game a week later.


Yes, i have some friends who had same problems with the support. Not phew knowing that it’s Amazon nothing is done when it is the solid base of the entire new word community that is impacted ^^


same here buddy, I tried getting awareness over the forums about the bad bad support (if you can even call it support) ags has. banned for their mistake after 1.5k hours

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They’ve already said they aren’t finished evaluating the latest ban wave.

I obviously think AGS support should “level up” so to speak, but in this case they literally aren’t finished figuring everything out yet.

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the twitter stuff katy posted are unofficial and she is trying to be nice to us.

Unofficial, sure, but she’s not lying. They haven’t finished their investigation so a lot of the current bans could be reversed or shortened. It’s pretty obvious.


They have the same issue as any other company that outsources support - you get what you pay for and most pay as little as possible.

They don’t factor in the tremendous reputational damage bad support does to a company / brand.

yeah but what I’m saying is, why do I have to ask Katy about this stuff on twitter to find out what is going on? :slight_smile: i’m not trying to argue with you, i’m just saying this maybe some ags dev or anybody can see what we (INNOCENT players) go trough


I agree! I’ve said many times on here there should be more capable support people on the forums as well as regional GMs people can go to for help.

I agree! They should have added onto their news post that they were actively investigating all of the bans. They sort of did, but could have been more explicit.


If I read the 2 notices they did 5 times I will understand 5 different things everytime. One of the thing being that the ones who got perma banned SEVERELY abused the exploit and will say banned forever :). So for me, I know that’s completely bullshit.




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