AGS, take my money

Wow, if these are the next shop skins no worries to buy them all.

I think many will agree. it’s much more mature, dark, than the latest skins.

What do you think ?


Yeah I will likely get all 3 :rofl:


Finally got a really really good costume, i gona buy all!!:rofl:


Is there anything else, like weapons or something?

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Mmmh In my opinion yes, but not datamined et !

Ahaha same ! :rofl:

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Hey! Super happy you like the skins.

What other theme would you like to see in the future?


tower shield!
Please bring a nice shield skin.


I think a lot of people love skins in the darker fantasy genre, like the wolf in armor fits the new world style better than a little pig with a hat haha.

Like this for example :slight_smile:

Sorry for the ref to TESO xD


These are decent, but the themes you should be doing is a no brainer. Go Google military uniforms from the 16th-18th century for European, Asian, and Middle Eastern countries. Make skins based on those actual REAL uniforms. Don’t forget to make a Scottish uni complete with kilt!


About time there is something normal.

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Unfortunately, this is their interpretation of a kilt;

Something like that , and if u guys add some costum with gender effect would be nice , i mean if male charactet use them get diffrent and when female char use them become with another effect like girls hair model and etc i mean.


I want to be able to bind skins to items/item sets. The current one skin for all thing is sub-optimal.

Sets I’d actually buy. Only problem will be that they’ll be less appealing because EVERYONE will be wearing them lol…

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Thank you everyone for adding your ideas! These are super awesome. I have passed this thread along to our Dev team for review. :smiling_face:


Yeah I think sometimes having silly skins is okay but there seems to be way more silly skins in the game than there are seriously cool ones that fit with the lore/aesthetic of the game. Need more like this. Step in the right direction.


Some skins are really nice, but the problem is that hood and mask is in one slot.

For example Jester skin - I didn’t buy it, because I don’t like mask.

Would be nice to have separate slots for hood and mask.

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Umm yeah, just saw the skins, AGS can take my money too. :moneybag: I main a tank, but getting all of them!

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A bit too edgy for me, but atleast its not another gold clown shit like every skin pack until now. I will still wait for a normal skin I think.