AGS, there's a much better way to battle the bots

Apologies for the harsh criticism, but your current anti-botting methods are amature hour. How many GOOD servers you got left? Pay a few Game Masters to patrol popular farming routes, using invisible super speed, no clip fly mode. It’s very easy to pause for a minute and identify a bot.

If your game doesn’t have this, ADD it. Make your Devs spend some time doing it. They might learn something… NW needs an upgrade to their customer service.


I found the best way to battle the bots: I uninstalled the game.

AGS does not permanently ban bots. Level 60 bots are everywhere. Now and then a bot account might get a 24 hour ban, but that’s about it.

At first I was frustrated with the bots, but then I realized that AGS is the real problem. So I banned AGS. Problem solved.


Do you honestly think they can afford 3 GMs (to cover 24 hour shift) per server just to observe bots with no-subscription model? And don´t come here with “it´s Amazon” argument, the game needs to sustain itself.

Edit: Btw even with minimum wage it would cost around 12.000 dollars every day. Just for wages, insurance, taxes etc. are not included. 360.000 dollars per month just to pay minimum wage to GMs to deal with bots, with taxes etc. it is around 470.000 dollars per month.

I guess we need to deal with bots like in any other MMO.

Could have got volunteer GMs easily a couple months ago.

I will use the “it’s Amazon” argument this way, though. The company is big into AI/ML. Also, the nodes are in fixed locations. AGS knows who the bots are through server telemetry. Keeping bots was a decision.

" Identifying suspicious activity with an ML powered abuse detection pipeline

Learn how to leverage AWS machine learning and artificial intelligence to build a dynamic and performant end-to-end abuse detection pipeline."


Man, cmon. Losing a fight against bots doesn´t mean AGS decided to keep them :slight_smile: Every MMO is losing against bots, thats how it is. They are always 1 step forward and even if they got banned they have other accounts immediately ready to replace.

If you find out a way of how to succesfully (in both real and financial sense) fight bots in MMOs you will be very rich person. But noone will keep fighting bots if it costs absolute fortune.

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Victory against the bots can only come by beating them at their own game.

How? Fight bots with bots!

AGS should immediately deploy specialized combat bots designed to identify, locate, engage and destroy gold seller bots on every server.

While there would be an initial cost for design and development, the benefits from increased player morale and consequent store revenue would quickly allow combat bots to pay for themselves.

The bots would operate in large numbers, with one stationed at each resource node, plus patrol allotments, and be capable of destroying any character almost instantly in a hail of bullets.

Gold seller bots are easy to identify, since they follow simple repetitive routines over and over. Thus the combat bots would be programmed to destroy any character running between nodes, accessing nodes, standing near nodes or engaging in any form of repetitive activity, with particular attention paid to suspicious behavior near town project boards and crafting stations.

Death would be permanent with no opportunity for appeal, raising the cost of using bots, slashing the profits of gold sellers and making the game all but unplayable for evildoers.

Design-wise, this model would be an ideal choice for the job:

ED 209-640


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I just shared with you information from AGS that shows they have technology to catch bots and you toss out anecdotal statements about “every game loses to bots”. Where is your supporting information?

I’ve played nearly every major MMO since UO, with multiple max characters. I have multiboxed 4 accounts on both DAoC and WoW (when it was still legal)…as well as Diablo 3 (although not a MMO, funny to see how loot tables are in no way ‘random’). So, I’ve farmed many areas on many games. Bots are typically easy to spot, and this is especially (laughably) so in New World.

This is definitely a concious decision by AGS, regardless of the difficulties in combating bots.

For additional proof, you need only to check the many threads of people repeatedly reporting bots with no action (including screenshots and videos). Also, when you report a player, they are blocked. You can still see them in Social. I can literally see the accounts I reported still going or level 60 and now sold off to players.

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You know exactly how that technology works?

You just need to contact them.

Also, see the last paragraph I added just as you were replying. You can follow bots yourself while reporting them EVERY DAY and see nothing happens.

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Ye I know about some bots being reported repeatedly and not banned yet. But you can´t say its a proof they decided to stop fighting bots. According to last videoblog they banned around 9000 accounts for botting and keep investigating another 5000, that was like month ago. You have to realize that there are tens of thousands of bot accounts, reported bots from players who are still in game doesn´t mean they don´t ban anyone. Its just a lot of accounts.

Too bad they can´t be transparent about how they ban bots exactly (bot users would immediately adjust). It would prevent some speculations.

Yeah, and they also said they fixed bugs that were not fixed. Soooo…

Ye I know about some bots being reported repeatedly and not banned yet. But you can´t say its a proof they decided to stop fighting bots.

Just so I’m following this. Mass reporting abuse works on real players doing nothing more than playing well, but multiple people reporting bots does not seem to remove them.

Your narrative is interesting. Are you a bot?


Fixing bugs isn´t the same as banning bots. You can´t screw anything about ban. You can fix the bug and next patch it can be broken again. In case of bugs it may be incompetency, it case of banning bots you accuse them of lying to us. I think there is no reason to continue this conversation. You just decided not to trust their statement about banning bots, I can´t do anything about it. Have a good day.

I never made the comparison. It was a response to your point of the announcement of 9,000 bots banned. Nice strawman though, oh and a “good day” slow clap

Never said AGS lied. I suggested their communications are misleading, and they made a decision to not agressively ban bots. 9k, even this mythical 14k, is nothing.

You do you though, Ales.

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The solution is as simple as identifying users trying to interact with nodes that are really empty. No human would try to interact with empty nodes, I don’t think anyone would try to interact more than 10 times on different nodes. Insta Ban


Just one problem with adding a restriction like 10x click on empty node = insta-ban. The people who code and/or use these bots will figure out pretty quickly what that limit is, and then recode the program to operate just under that threshold.

Where do you stop with a restriction like that? Bit of a slippery slope perhaps, but I’ve double-clicked nodes here and there. Either fatigue or tunnel vision or I just wanted to make sure I had activated it. Should I have been banned for that?

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In addition to what they do now, GM’s need to patrol popular routes and manually ban bots. You would not need to patrol 24x7. Just do a few passes per day on the popular routes and it’s fast and easy to ID the bots. I’m certain it would make a noticeable difference! AGS is so scared of anything NOT AUTOMATED, their customer service and player experience suffers. Pure automation is NOT THE ANSWER. It’s a good supplement to compliment actual humans doing the work that takes actual human intelligence in real time.

Game Masters banning bots while supplemented by Automation is the best way to do it.

You could even expand GMs roles and let them free roam (supplemented by Automation to give them clues where/what to look at) and monitor for people exploiting, and hand out bans. That would be such a huge step up for customer service and the player experience.

… oh and IF they did this, don’t freaking use foreign poverty wage paying call centers. Do it in house with a small team… they would be on the QA team.

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I just don’t get how people who use exploits get banned really easy but there is 3 bots I’ve been reporting since November are still routing. One is even factionless.

How are people complaining about unjust bans while bots bot for months?

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They could battle the bots effectively by actually banning/deleting accounts of anyone who purchases gold on RMT sites.

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This is a common… and extremely poor excuse used by clueless people and glomed onto by lazy game developers. Ban/delete any account that purchases gold from an RMT site and your bot problem solves itself within a matter of days! All the tools are there. Simply look for large gold transfers between accounts that have no interaction history and swing the hammer…done


Do you really believe that a human being would try to interact with more than 10 different nodes, these being empty? I doubt it. Ok, I understand that an Insta-Ban would not be acceptable, but… what if it was marked with a flag and later someone could verify it manually… Something like: if it was marked as a bot by the system mentioned + also received a report by Bot while it is marked. Well, Ban… It seems like a very easy measure to apply in my opinion.