AGS....... they aree realyyy

they buffed the game’s most balanced character and turned it into a god BOW
Instead of nerfing the already overpowered IG, they buffed it again
they buffed immortal VG’s goddamn scream talent
AGS is really doing everything it can to lose players…

IG buffed? Soo only thing they did was increase the damage on Pylon and the health… ooo spoopy

  • Ice Storm: Fixed an issue that caused this ability to go on cooldown when the spell was interrupted while in aim mode.
  • Ice Pylon: Damage increased from 50% to 75% weapon damage.
  • Ice Pylon: Health increased from 12% to 20% of player health.
  • Ice Pylon: Fixed an issue that caused Ice Pylon to damage all targets within range when spawned.
  • Ice Shower: Updated the tooltip for this ability to include the cooldown on the re-application of the root effect.

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