AGS Trolling Us?

I’m starting to think Devs are trolling us. They nerf the weakest weapons, buff the ones that are already over powered. They say they’ll fix fast travel system, then complete break it making it useless. Y’all merge servers, then right after give free transfer tokens….

Y’all really need to think about implementation and execution. Maybe you should collaborate with some people who actually play the game and address things from most important to least. I’m sure having rapid shot not consume an arrow was super high priority to fix last patch :sweat_smile:

Also, y’all are Amazon but cannot create servers that can hold up? Don’t you guys get national security defense contracts…. With things happening in Ukraine/Russia we may be screwed here guys.


dude they got your money and they dont care anymore. get over it and move on


They nerfed the coward run away weapon. It needed it. Nothing is overpowered, you are just used to running away from the damage. Travel system is fine. They can remove azoth cost to travel completely and just make it a magical component for crafting, and it would be perfect. They merged servers first and then gave you the option to decide if you want to move afterwards. Stop b****ing for everything. This is the best update ever, especially since we can get shards from opr and now our damage counts towards the score.


Have you ever thought about why the coward weapon chooses to be a coward and run away? Maybe because the coward weapon is underpowered if fighting with the overpowered weapon.


Yeah when it cost more azoth to reset your house to FT then to just fast travel, that seems legit and makes a ton of sense. They should have just taken the cost to fast travel out.

They nerf the bow but buff the GA and IG, both weapons people complain about being over powered. Also both weapons destroying wars/OPR. That makes sense…

They merge servers for stability then give a free token that majority of players use to all go to one server leaving a couple over populated and the rest extremely underpopulated. Makes sense…. Server health! :joy:

Umral system change was nice, but honestly did we even need 625 gear last patch? They could have fixed their bugs, balanced weapons and/or added new content… but yeah make some 625 gear that fucks up scaling and causes more issues… makes sense.

What truly makes sense is they destroyed the game to push people towards their money grab Lost Ark. go Pay to Win guys :joy:


If it cost more to travel to settlement instead of your house, use your brain and travel thru the settlement. The house is more about more storage and trophies.

The bow is a weapon for shooting from far away and does allot of damage. Very little and was fixed on it. Just keep using it from a safe distance. GA need a buff, since it is a melee weapon and doesn’t have the ability to stay at a safe distance and easily hide like the bow does. Now rapier users can’t run away, and will get hit now. Both GA and ice g barely got any significant buffS, get gud.

What does the tokens and merger matter? They can still do mergers in a week or 2. It is not like that was the last possible merger they can ever do.

There is no issues with raising the gs, and they still worked on bugs as well as balancing, hence the small buffs to GA & IG.

The game is fixed, and is better than yesterday by a whole lot.


So it has always been like that. Then the weapon was chosen on the basis that they want to use it as a secondary weapon just to run away.

Nah, just get good and expand. I have every weapon at level 20, and it is cheap to respec. Learn the game.


:joy: yeah for sure bud. New Word is heading in the direction of Hellgate: London if they keep not addressing real issues, creating more problems and making play pointless. Play count is dropping… all those weapons lvl 20 will do you well when servers are taken offline :joy:

I’m sure you exploited to level them anyways with pirate camps and boars home. Just another great “fix” other players can’t do anymore lol

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And that’s is what baffles me when they nerf the CD and not buff any damage related. Now it stays as an underpowered coward stick with more CD.

Can’t argue with this guy, he’s just as mad as us but spend a majority of his day playing the game. No life’s bruh

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You won’t have time to run away. So cowards won’t use it anymore.

Game is old, upgrading weapons is easy. Never heard of hellgate. Exploit?. No, is that the only way you can think about upgrading?

bro you are defending what? a broken game? telling people to stop biching for what reason? let them vent and get their frustration out. If you don’t point out or voice what you think is wrong with the game it will never change.

Its not a secret that the game is dying due to bad decisions from most likely higher ups. They said they would make combat less clunky then made it more clunky. Its a running theme stop bashing those who voice their opinion.

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Some guys find a hair in every soup.

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The housing TP cost would cost more because you can literally do it ANYWHERE on the map. Its called compensation.

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I pointed out what he said is an issue is actually not an issue. This is a big update that happened today, fixing many of the reasons allot of people left for. The game movement is allot better, no hang ups after doing things. Weapons actually swap. This is also my opinion, and i said my opinion because ags will look at both sides. Most people did not leave because of this update, actually, many returned. Imagine b****ing about dead, broken game(your words). So i can’t voice my opinion because somebody else wants to bash the make-good work these devs are doing? Welcome to the internet… Did your parents/guardians just let you on for the first time?

They really should work together with some gamers. I think ppl who play this game on a high level have more knowledge as AGS himself. I think talking with these guys or even playing with them could help everyone a lot.

Are we playing the same game ? Weapon swaps are way worse than before and completely mess up our ability use. I guess you are GA WH! My VG, IG, LS and rapier do stuff on their own. De sync happens everywhere and the game it’s once again broken. I was defending NW for long and saying that whatever the bugs are I’m playing with friends to have fun and will push trough but this time it’s a bit too much


Works very well for me.
Weapon swap works every single time and the ability command I use is queued right after.
It*s perfect.
I love the patch, finally one can fight properly without any issues and rage.

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