AGS Trolling Us?

Ls, vg and rapier? :joy:. I use fire staff and ig and dont cry. Do stuff on their own? Think before you click stuff, how about that. Weapons actually swap now, instead of just the interface saying it does. You think everybody that calls you a noobb is using GA? :joy:… but you use vg, rapier, ls :joy::joy::joy: and cry about other people’s choice of weapon…

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What weapons are you using?

Bow / Rapier or Bow / Spear

It is probably cause you are long ranged, but when you are mage in the thick of it. You still get the weapon swap issue, where it shows one weapon is active when it is actually a different one. Also if you are stagger/stunned/etc you end up casting abilities that you pressed 1-3 seconds before when there is no target infront of you any longer. There are also “phantom” casts where the ability animation goes off with no damage or effects.

It is very unplayable for PvP.


Especially with the Spear medium loadout I am also in the thick of it.
I did not have a single issue with weapon swapping. Worked every time, brought a tear to my eye :slight_smile:
Yes, some queued abilities firing seconds later is a bit weird. Does not happen too often though.

Maybe the issues are more prevalent with certain weapons over others, and I definitely have not been the only person to experience it.

Musket is also broken after the new patch, randomly starts shooting

I don’t cry and I’m pretty competitive. Weapon swaps are a bit fucked up. You haven’t red what I wrote.

Weapons with insta casts are affected the most I think. VG blade disappears for me now in a way worse manner than before. Before if I dodge back it was coming back but now once I have it and don’t use any skills while simply light attacking only - it disappears completely and if I dodge something I start de syncing

Actually my friend said that too, he is also using voidblade.

Who tf still complains about ga being overpowered? Are we playing the same game? Is your fantasy world of voidgauntlet 1 hitting 200 con heavy players not good enough? Jesus Christ people like you can not be playing this game on any high pop servers because you have no understanding of what’s going on. Well good for you 99 procent of players is leaving this dog meta!!! Have fun with litterly nobody to play against because ags decided to listen to inadequate tards like you!! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: you people are such a joke

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I’m 99% “procent” sure that I’m not the tard here :rofl:

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not bashing you I just think this funny.

But you are still wrong anyway.
Heavy Armor GA users lose against Vg so fast that it is not even funny.
The VG user can even be on 10% health and the GA full, it will still melt him in 2 seconds flat.
And NO, I dont use GA. I play bow.

this, 100% - Ive said it a thousand times. This is where the disconnect comes from. Jira should not decide what the next bug to fix is, hire a UX designer.

They didn’t fix combat its still clunky if not worse than before. How did they actually make it worse… There are opinions and there are things you can prove. You are claiming there are not more animation locks which has proven to be false.

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