AGS "wants to fix player friction"

If AGS really wanted to fix player friction imo they would address the gambling(crafting) system. Before any of you say anything i already have rolled a full legendary kit thats 625. That does not change the fact how stupid this system is, 99 percent of the time i get garbage like this. Something needs to change, the next patch will only make things worse with the new perks being added to the game, nothing makes me want to uninstall this game more than saving up my materials or buying them and rolling and getting this garbage and it would be even worst on heavy items or chest and pants pieces due to how costly they are not even including the prices of craft mods. I want to make other builds, i want to play different roles at a high level, 2 perks will only get you so far, having a 3rd bis perk makes a difference… I do not want things to be “handed” to me or given for free, but looks folks, this system is RNG, there is NOTHING HARD ABOUT RNG. you could get it on your first try or never get it after a thousand. there needs to be a way to at least force 2 perks, or reduce the cost of materials required, or put in some sort of system, maybe quest line, something to let us change a perk around. or make it more materials but we can force all 3 perks. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE, literally every person i speak too hates the rng crafting, it makes people quit, its such a kick in the teeth using 50k of materials to roll and getting everything with 1 perk and gathering luck, then when you finally get a legnedary you get something like i linked.

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It still needs to be hard to get best in slot gear. If they make crafting a lot easier, everyone will have BiS in a few weeks, and many people will lose their motivation to play because “there’s nothing to do.”


I crafted 2 legendary chest pieces yesterday. WIth durabilty and mining luck.

All the weapons I use most often are 625, as is all my jewelry, but NONE of my armor pieces are over 600. I can’t get a legendary and if I do, it sucks. I wish I could “earn” the gear through even a long-ass grind than play a slot machine that is tilted against me since day 1.


I feel like opening up discussion on the fact that they outsourced customer support would be a great way to do that, but my money’s down on that never happening.

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Again there is nothing “hard” about a RNG slot machine.

i mean if BiS gear was easy to get, what is the point of gathering the materials for it? That would completely kill the market on the higher tier resources. Once most people have level 200 and and if BiS gear was easy to get, why would they continue crafting?

The problem is everyone is chasing that BiS. Why? You don’t need BiS. BiS is a very rare and amazing piece of armor or weapon. It should feel very rewarding to get, not like a requirement and you just marked off a checkbox.

If you feel you NEED BiS gear, you’re going to have a bad time. Flat out

Just remove things like mininluck and durability and all would be good but you still need to grind

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