AGS was not so difficult doing better than now

I was asking to myself if someone of AGS ever played to a mmo…

I can’t understand how it is possible for a millionaire company to bring such a content-free product to the market.
The speech is very simple, if you don’t know what to do, you have to take a cue from the others mmo.

So my advice is:

  • first of all, a nice official post of apologies to the whole world community
  • second, close the servers and take a break.
  • third, decide if this game must be pvp/pve/or both.
  • fourth, once you have decided, start looking at the system used by the other mmo.

It’s very simple, if you wanna do a pvp game make the world totally pvp with only cities as a neutral point, add battlegrounds, arenas, sieges, territory control and rewards for killing players in open world. (take a look to WOW, GW2 and ALBION ONLINE)

If wanna a pve game eliminate pvp, add dungeons, dynamic events and mega bosses. Eliminate all that timegated junk and ridiculous crafting of keys.

If wanna a mix, do as in Albion online, divide the world into territories where pvp is always active and areas where you cannot attack. After add the previously listed pvp and pve contents.

-fifth: work hard and fast.

-sixth release finally a a decent game.

I am not a genius, but even a monkey could understand that a game, where the only thing that brings advantage is to make rounds of chests and collect tot gypsium in one day, can’t works.

About Gear Score progression (watermark), do as you see fit, but the item level in using a weapon or armor should not depend on the luck you have in dropping it but rather on how much you have used it.

About Bugs I don’t think these are the real problem of the game, because as in real life, making a parallelism, if you like a person you accept the defects.
All the people who have left NW in the last 2 months (leaving aside the initial peak given by the various server problems), have done so because the game does not offer anything engaging and exciting in terms of content.

my 2 cents


I would support that but not full-loot gankfest Albion Online where the areas without PvP have shit-content. But dividing the territories with open world PvP to control hot spots is how Asheron’s Call PvP was like and it was the best MMO PvP I have ever experienced. PvP with a real purpose. Not some gank-fest full of DPS kiddies who just wants kills and wealthy land-owners who master 50v50 tower defence to become even more wealthy with the majority of players locked out of the activity.

As for only PvE game, well the genre is flooded with such games and they have shit-ton more content, so I think that would be a dead-end.

PvP only MMOs I have never seen and would likely not work as those type of players would be doing MOBAs, FPS and PUBGs. An MMO without PvE would be kind of pointless.

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Didn’t even see a 1/2 cents worth.

said by a true fanboy of the game, I take that as a compliment :smiling_face:

Players didn’t leave because of content, they left because they could not do the content. A lot of pain and hours of waiting to do a dungeon run. It’s not hard to know where are the players now, look at the decrease of players here and increase in GW2 and BDO, you’ll be able to relate.

Also, Sand Box MMOs are not popular by any means, because actual player driven economy is very destructive. You’ll end up with hyperinflation and all kinds of exploits. The population the game holding right now is logical and it’ll deplete more until it stabilized at populations similar to Aion EU.

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Well said

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It is not a sandbox game, this is not a theme park, it’s a bad hybrid.

Nothing like that.
People need to stop expecting NW to be like some other MMO they played. Yeah it would be great if they had those things.
Recommend them.
Rants such as this? Did you even read it or at least try to?

people should stop to play it totally until AGS gives them somenthing of decent to play.

There are 2 (maybe 3) new games coming online next month and multiple older titles releasing expansions next month. Take NW down now and kiss it goodbye. It’s too late for that.

Kill it and bring it back in a year after so many of these broken systems that no one likes or wants to play have been expunged.

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