AGS what are you doing?

First off I will start with this. I love New World. The game is solid and is certainly in a better position then it was at launch. But AGS you need to step it up. Saying an update is coming during a month and not committing to a certain release date just shows a significant lack of faith in your team.

AGS tell us dates, generate some hype or otherwise your game will fall flat once again. You can’t really afford another stumble.


What date did they state it would be released?

Faith goes both ways.

It has been regularly at the end of month for like half a year …


Its the same thing every month. PTR till the last week of the month. nothing has changed here…Even if I do try to conjure the patch sometimes.


AGS are working on mobile New World Immortal with 800% value microtransactions.


@Avitus Don’t give them any ideas


July… thats all I have heard. And they don’t push out any adverts for it either to get people pumped and appeal to the community outside the active users.

It’s always been the last week.

Assuming they don’t give an exact date, just incase some final testing needs done first.

Would rather them be 100% sure something is ready, instead of being too focussed on trying to push something too soon, to try to keep a specific date.

The game, overall, was already released too soon as it is…


I get that but how could it hurt to say the 25th of the month? We are customers at the end of the day. I don’t agree with this whole I am happy to wait thing.

You are professionals set a realistic date and hit it. If you can’t then communicate that to your players in a timely fashion.

I do agree with quality, I don’t agree with half ass communication.

P.S: Its little things like this that continue to scare people off, even when loyal players are trying to convince people to keep playing or come back. We have so much bad press to wade through to just convince people to take a look.


Game has shown to be unpredictable with it’s horrible spaghetti code.

An exact date just seems rough with this game.


Wow another complain and drama seeker. So far all patches came at end of the month.


And you are adding to that. Why? Not accepting the answer we gave you.

If you are a customer of the game, please refer to past times when they did give specifics like dates or how things ran (NVM you joined June this year. Makes more sense now.). It was attacked with swift toxicity due to either delays or the speaker was not fully informed before telling us.

Sorry… not sorry. Let them do what they have been. YOu have already given examples of why they should not. There are many other examples within this forum as well.

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I’d rather wait for an extra week than take another economy hit with exploit.

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The big problem with that is… how many actually get involved with PTR testing?

The law of bug hunting is this…
Low population = low chance of finding critical bugs, fair chance of finding all common bugs.
HIgh population = high chance to pattern triggers of common bugs, critical bugs are found more often and can possibly be learned

So , if we only have maybe 200 CC on the PTR bug hunting, we may not find much. If the PTR sees a regular 800-1k CC throughout testing we may see exploits discovered and resolved before they hit the public servers.

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Totally understandable.

For this they should make PTR more attractive for regular players to login to PTR and test. I.e give out cosmetic awards for testers, in-game tag for tester perhaps like 'bug hunter", PTR events that already take place, tester caches like twitch drops are, meet real devs and ask questions on PTR… There are many ways to motivate more people testing.

I actually converse with various staff in game from time to time, So not really a “perk” to testing.

YOU are right though. Make PTR testing a bit more attractive to the community. Maybe various skins for how long you have been participating on the PTR. First reward is a bee-keeper’s suit. Second one is boarding school outfit with bug catching net and bug cage strapped to your back


Oooo god please no boarding school outfits xD

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Calm down, no knees or ankles showing! They would be period pieces.

In my personal opinion these kind of outfits are emersion breaking. Beekeeper ok but no schoolgirl outfit, swimwear, NBA caps or business suits. Let’s leave those for Korean MMOs :slight_smile:


Sorry but you are acting like a complete snowflake. The can’t say 25th because they don’t know if it will be ready. And if they say 25th and it won’t be this exact day people like you will again create topics about how they lie or are incompetent.

Stop asking for exact dates, you won’t get them. Patch will come during last week of July, end of story. If you don’t like it go play other MMOs where you get 1 patch over 6 months. Maybe with exact date :wink: