AGS why do you even timegate forum Likes?

The thing that makes me laugh is they also timegate the forums so you can only like a certain amount of posts. This make me think you do not want to know players true feelings about your game otherwise you would not do this. I now have to wait 23hrs to like any post what a joke.


Time gating the forums makes me feel like I’m playing New World!

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Everything is a grind. Leveling, posting, crafting, creating new characters…


I got a message I had spent my 50 likes for the day the other day, however, I was still able to like posts directly after :man_shrugging:

Well that’s not the case for me. I have 50 likes anything above that won’t register as a like

Because too much love can turn to hate.

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Never knew there was a restriction! You just really be loving the forums haha. I can in all seriousness it just prevents abuse.

If barrier to entry is all but removed, and people can like as much as they want. So that people end up doing what the ‘rich’ did here and liking the forum content in a week. What do they do after that week?


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