AGS will kill this game if they listen to users! Immediate problems!

It’s just started. Users complain about Gold and azoth for respecs. Devs lower the cost dramatically. Now gold is devalued more. Now azoth is devalued more. Both already easy to come by despite what whiners say. Soon azoth will be something everyone always has so is irrelevant. You will never be able to sell vials on the TP and it wont feel special to pick them up.

More importantly AGS, but appeasaing the complainers, has just killed off what semblance of class system they had. Before the changes in respec costs you had to at least think and plan a little what type of class you wanted to be. It gave your character some individuality. If you saw someone with FS/IG you could look at them and say…“ah they spent their hard earned gold and azoth because they really want to play a mage”…now…“oh why did this user spec as mage for this round of Outpost Rush? I told him to spec as a healer!”

Do you see? You had a system in place that made us select and play our classes out. Now we have a system where everyone is expected to be everything in all situations. It will be expected you have the gear on you to respec to tank/healer/melee/ranged on the fly tat all times. No need for a healer to be a healer or a tank a tank. Everyone can do it all at the flip of a switch. Gone are the the feelings of idividuality with my builds. Eveyone is everything anytime they want now with very little cost.

I will say again. The game is going to be ruined by whiners and complainers who want their hand held and want to take away elements that make a game a game. These changes today signal a downward spiral in the wrong direction of trying to appease the masses and casuals who very oddly complain about Coin and Azoth. These complainers must not be playing the game to be so low all the time.

Please stick with your original ideas that make the game fun and challenging and please don’t devalue everything to the point where there is no need to hustle for gold azoth or anything really. Please give revert the changes to costs and save a great class system instead of throwing it away for a few whiners!


As am not 100% sure the price of respec/etc actually will bring what you say, i still thumbs up your post because its clearly something to avoid at all cost.

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I mean, they already did exactly this throughout Alpha and look where we are.
I don’t think that trend is going to stop.

I disagree, these are honestly great quality of life changes that let people spend more of their time in game doing what they prefer.


You only get Azoth problems if you craft a lot or teleport a ton. So the solution is to do portals for like an hour and ur good to go again for a day/few days depending on your activities.
(myb increase Azoth upper limit to 1500 at most)

To be fair I haven’t heard of any changes they plan to do but at the moment 500 gold to respec stats is fair.

Really not an issue. Even if you respec, you would have suboptimal gear with wrong bonuses.

And if you take the effort to actually have good gearset (not just weapons) that match multiple specs, the ability to swap between those for a reasonable cost is not a huge issue.


Switching between 300str and 300con for farming on every single node and tree?
Respeccing their weapon for every single enemy they encounter?

While I agree with the thesis that they shouldn’t cater to complainers, I don’t think that’s what this is. Any change they make at this point is catering to complainers because people have literally complained about everything.

Azoth is a completely ridiculously short sighted system that punishes players for pretty much no reason, and further changes need to be made to it in my opinion.

You’re playing a game that has taken a step away from making people level countless alts in order to use different skills and weapons. I think allowing people to play their “alt class” and try different players should have a cost, but it shouldn’t be debilitating to your financial situation.


price respec is still 200g after nerf.


I love the passion behind this, and I’m happy you’re speaking out about it.

I don’t find myself in agreement with much of the argument, but I’m happy you’re making it.

AGS can and will adjust goals to hit a commercial market. A notion to not listen to customer is just bad advice for any business, full stop.

Where tf did you get this from? Respecs are such a tiny percentage of what gold and azoth does and you come here and say that it will devalue them lmfao

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Yeah… I already do not like the respect idea. And now it is even easier to do… this is not good.

Respect should be something you do once when you learned about the game and can see the mistakes you did and have a chance to fix it. But cannot be
“Hey, your choices, don’t worry… do whatever you want and it will be fine =)”

Patchnotes, its not a secret document or hidden behind obscur riddles.

This is the issue a lot of people have. I have to work for an hour just to be able to get around the map efficiently? And then it’s taxed even higher if I have some extra items in my inventory. It’s just punishing people for the sake of punishing people.

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Sure thing that elitism will save this game

Oh wait…

No, i mean the assumption that it will somehow affect gold and azoth values on a noticeable amount

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No, you have to plan your journey and then wonder how so many people can run out of it.


It’s a direct devaluation. Whether it’s seen more broadly is yet to be known but I’m saying this is a bad start.

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This post breeds ignorance of game design and problem resolution.

The Gold is being devalued by over harvesting of items and control by gold farmers, not adding more gold. Actually, more gold in the economy when its already having facet related issues is a good thing, and will help stablize the gold value.

Second, the metric data was proving that high end players did not have a lot of gold. those that did rush a lot really felt the release of a very limited coin purse when rush was released. It showed just how bad it was at that point. Not only did upper levels (50+) have insufficient gold to trade, there was situations where company leaders were dropping insane amounts of gold in war related battles for consumable advantages (we are talking the 100k ranges here, Per a battle). Gold in essence was in all the “wrong hands”.


Doing things to keep your customer happy is at the foundation of what amazon is. In fact, this is probably their strongest characteristic that defines them above and beyond others. This is not a bad thing to be laughed at.

That being said, I do agree as a designer that we should generally not talk players opinions about HOW THINGS WORK (please pay careful attention to that part. its ok to ask about what they think a problem is, but not how it should be fixed), often we are missing pieces of the puzzle and that (suggestion) can make a suggest either good or bad depening on the situation.

That being said, if people are upset about the state of dungeons, or pvp, they should be changed.


The game has lots of issues right now, although some of its just ironing out things. That suggests there will be lots of changes, and some of those changes will be small, and some big. This is all adaptation to what players want in an mmo and it will set the defining characteristics of it going forward.


people think it’s getting devalued when there’s literally a whole 3/4s left of a data-mined map that is yet to be released, I don’t know if they are really going to release that whole map but you can see in-game that some parts of it are already in it. so for such great costs why think about the now when there’s a lot of content being planned and yet to be released.