AGS, You still have room to make everyone even more angry :)

Imagine - You cant equip a slot with an item which is higher GS/WM than you have unlocked.



This is how it should of been since the start. Unfortunately if they changed it now the rage from around the world would be massive. Thousands of tables flipped and controllers smashed.

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So crafters shouldn’t have been able to equip gear they ground up the skills to make?

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Did any crafters bother making anything below at least high level 500’s like 590 plus to actually use? If it was implemented from the start maybe it would have given more use for crafting along the way? Genuine question here.

Absolutely not, crafting is joke in this game aside from furnishing. Companies could just funnel mats to select people and pump out high end gear without anyone do anything to achieve it.

I mean I understand if you leveled crafting all by yourself why you feel this way but it’s an mmo not a solo game.

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