AGS your game is anti melee

With the new mutation dungeons it has become clear that you overly punish melee players and ranged players are able to clear content with lesser gear. We had two groups run mutations. Group 1 had 2 melee and group 2 had all ranged. The group with two melee struggled more with their dungeons and were only able to clear a mutated 3 dungeon. The ranged group was able to clear a mutated 4 dungeon. The groups were roughly equal in terms of skilled players and gear score, but the melee group was punished much more. The flame rings appeared under the mobs. The iframe animations made our characters have to stay in the fire longer. The slicers appeared under the mobs. The first boss gains stacks when she hits and her swings sweep behind her making the boss more difficult. The ranged light armor allowed them to dodge roll out of the fire rings a lot easier than the melee heavy head pivot. A lot of the enemies swing broad AoE style swings. A lot of the enemies simply run away from melee as a mechanic.

I have no suggestions for you AGS. It is clear that you favor ranged in design balance and forum responses.

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