AGS. You've convinced me to stay. Massive respect to the devs

I was teetering on the brink of leaving the game after 700 hours due to the proposed changes (particularly in relation to GS and WM/Expertise) and was playing it less and less over the last week or so. After reading your latest developers corner blog and your change of direction, this single paragraph has convinced me that you are listening to your player base and are responsive to their feedback.

Blockquote When we thought about it more, reducing power for existing players is just unacceptable and something we will not do. We initially thought it being only temporary and giving a new path with to gain back that power with Gypsum would be acceptable, but it is now clear we were wrong.

You’ve convinced me to stay and I’m here for the long haul. I know you guys have taken a lot of flack lately but credit where credit is due. Thank you for listening and responding accordingly.


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