Aim Bot Boogeyman

The biggest boogeyman in this game is the aim bot. I ain’t seen a single person good enough to claim they’re using an aim bot, yet I get called this literally at least once a day since moving to Castle of Steel.

Hit Scan - Check
No Recoil - Check
No Bullet Drop - Check
No Bullet Spread- Check

It’s ridiculously easy to land shots in this game to the point where 50% or higher accuracy in a match doesn’t seem absurd to me. It’s always after I three shot someone too, usually a light armor user, because I scored a crit, a roll crit, and then kill them. I run a 350 dex 150 int musket/bow build and people seem SHOCKED when they die to me. Literally on one of the two most populated servers and nobody here is good enough to be considered aim botting. Grow up, you just aren’t evasive.

The probmen isn’t you, it’s musket gamestyle. This weapon literally griefs players who play on Outpost Rush for these simple reasons:

  • Hitscan, no bullet drop, no fallout damage, no recoil.
  • Hit’s for high critical values from across the map
  • Outpost Rush has many different open areas with no obstacles
  • if 2 muskets play coordinated , they will kill light armor users under 3 secs

AGS basically made a class that isn’t good enough for Wars but griefs every other light armor class everywhere else in the pvp modes (open world, OPR).

It’s not fun mechanic for either side because:

  • Muskets camp on top of a rock all match and run away with rapier and almost always survive
  • Only muskets can kill muskets realistically (if long range is the situation)
  • Nobody else gets to play on these campers’ sight

true. same goes for wars… on our server they use muskets to completly demolish the fort ( horn`s etc) and swap then to their normal gear …

smart move, but a abuse … jesus :smiley:

Just to clear up the ego a little.

You’re not good at the game. The weapons are broken. There is no counter play. There is no option to evade or escape the musket.

As far as most people are concerned you’re actually worse at the game if you’re running Musket, greataxe or Warhammer as they’re so fundamentally broken that it makes terrible players appear “good.”

This is not the case. I am very sorry this has been happening to you.

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