Aimbot Cheater Ranged Players Ruin This game at OPR ! AGS DO SOMETHING

I am a legal player musket player. Because I am legal loyal New World player, I want We want from AGS to solve this main issue in the game that ruin the pvp so much in OPR and 3vs3…

I don’t advise anyone to test these cheater tool too; because thy have malware, trojan viruses as you said. These are the things you can see and find when you search in google and youtube by yourself too and I believe that AGS GMs are probably seeing these illegal things too. However, it doesn’t change the facts about aimbot is exist, same for BOTS, macro users, gold sellers, gold buyers, bug exploiters, alt account exploiters, umbral shard sellers, duplicators etc etc that this game has currently. And AGS cannot detect these cheat tools, so we don’t see any of the cheaters banned at all… Even thy are banned, thy just open another character to do same things again… Because of all of these problems, from +1 million players to +15k players this game has right now…

Just watch these two videos found in the youtube and there are many real video proofs like this in youtube about how legal players suffer from these cheaters, and every OPR you will see players complain about these cheaters.

I have shared this picture before too. In 15 minutes these TOP 8 which are full musket + archer build players. Just look at the number of kills, assist, death numbers etc.

placalele aimbot + wall hack musket cheater OPR New World EU VEGA SERVER

kenzene aimbot + wall hack musket cheater OPR New World EU VEGA SERVER

Even you play musket or archer as BIS, you cannot shoot your every hits with headshot nonstop without any delays while this game has high in game latency problem, fps drop problem, server lag problem and the your opponents are using passive heal regeneration, health potions, passive fortification for higher defense and unpredictable kiting moving most of the time and healers heal them too. Musket is not an easy class at this game, even it hits from a range. Musket is only good at killing low gear, low level, less geared players, or glass cannon light armor players… Even you give 50 CONS stat, you feel that you lose lots of damage already.


Bro you know in 99,9% cases is scam with trojan or maleware ? Xd

That kill amount, isn’t an accurate way of determining if they cheat.

I can go 30+ in OPRs, if I don’t screw around and stick with the zerg, and I don’t cheat lol.

Best game, to date, I went 38-0.

Musket needs tweaked, but calling legit musket players aim botters, isn’t the way to do it.

The rock shooting through thing is old and fixed. This was a bug, even I could do it lol.

Can’t do it any more.

so you can do all of these scores in 15 minutes OPR? New World, servers become a small village that everyone knows each other already and every OPR that we always encounter and fight against these same cheater players that they enter OPR non-stop. Lets record more of these aimbot cheaters to show you and if you watch youtube videos with real records you can see it more, I just share the two of them from youtube about placalele and kenzene aimbot cheater musket. It is so weird to deny something that is exist in the game for a long time; but these are affecting the OPR and 3vs3 pvp too much right now…

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Next time, I will post myself to record these cheaters again. However, I know that there will be nothing again. That illegal players are only rewarded at this game and legal normal players always punished at this game. New World is the NEW ARCHEAGE; because exactly the same topics and issues are happening. After all these years, players admitted that the cheats, aimbot, teleportation acts are exist but it was the end of Archeage that is marked as dead mmorpg in EU region. It is sad to see the same things are happening in the same order and in forums we discuss about the exist issues to deny them that affects the game in a negative way for NEW WORLD now almost one year period already…


Yesterday I jumped into a game half over, score was like 500ish to 500ish, and managed to get 19 killed within 5-10 mins…while staying with the zerg instead of sitting off alone.

How many you can get depends on if anyone will contest you.

5 muskets in a group, no one can contest them. They’ll delete anyone that tries. Same can be said for any group.

I feel sad for all the legit musket players…
90% of the time even if you play well, you will be treated as having cheated.

The weapon is obviously unbalanced. It is made for the aimbot this point in time for pvp and non existant for PVE. The traps tree needs to be buffed and the headshot tree need to be reworked with cool-down.

Anyone remember when the rocks used to not have bullet collision?

The level of restraint it took to not shoot someone behind a rock when their name plate was still visible was enormous

In the current meta, if you are ranged and are not using cheats you are the wrong one.

I don’t think this game has any anti-cheat currently, it is just a crappy software that may make your PC slower and does not do anything on current cheats.

How can AGS does not get a copy of their software? How it is this hard? Just ban someone and remove the ban if they provide the software. OR BUY ONE FOR 25 BUCKS