Aimbot Musket users

  • What is your character name in New World: Deathwalkx
  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: Omeyocan
  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: Aimbot
  • Is this a bug or an exploit: Hacking
  • (if a bug) How did the issue effect your gameplay: Destroys integrity of the game
  • (if a bug) Were you able to recover from the issue: PTSD
  • (if a bug) Please include a screenshot or video of the issue that you have experienced:
  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced: Purchase hacks

OPRs and wars with these guys are miserable. They are top of the leaderboards and ruin the experience for everyone with their cheating. In the last Windsward war they were in a two group crew manning the battlements and it could have potentially swayed the outcome of the war. Our ranged team was getting killed outside of render distance from the fort by muskets. My company knows for a fact what that range is because we tested it in prep for a war of our own as defence.

It is ridiculous that they have been able to get away with this for as long as they have with little to no repercussions. Player interactions are the core of this game and this small group of people is ripping it apart on our server. We were warned about them the moment we logged in after merge from their fellow Hy-Brasil players.


Shooting through objects?!! Wow, AGS really needs to drop the permanent ban hammer on these cheaters.


Its a bug and if you watch this video you cant see its not a aimbot like how you are saying.


This is not aim botting this game has bad coding, objects not rendering. BTW the name tag system is basically like having “walls” if you are talking about that?

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They need aimbot… because of all the lag!

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It’s common knowledge people like X RedDragon X and his company are using aimbots on our server. They also did it on Hy Brasil with no response from devs. If there actually IS a musket bug that allows them to shoot through objects, they are just combining it with aimbot software. Either way, they need to be permabanned.


Eh Draza not entirely true.

While there is an exploit right now (also what I consider cheating because if you have to take advantage of an exploit to be good at the game you might as well be labeled a cheater), some of the videos we have seen and dealt with are snapping to their targets.

No exploit causes on screen reticles to snap. That comes from an injection hack that is making it’s way into this game at an alarming rate.

Exploiters and cheaters alike need to be permabanned.

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As a musket player this is new to me… an exploit involving a specific named musket being able to shoot through walls?

Deathwalk has provided some legit solid evidence that reinforces the fact that RedDragon is indeed exploiting and using this bug to his advantage.

If anyone has legit solid evidence of RedDragon or other players “snapping to targets” with these aimbot accusations, I would love to see that. Actual evidence speaks more than words. Not defending anyone here, i’m just not going to jump on a bandwagon without factual evidence to back a claim up.

As of right now, this case is easily dismissible as a bug exploit at best.

Either way it’s still cheating and him and others alike deserve what they get.

This guy has been a known cheater before the merger too, I have yet to see him miss a shot in open world pvp, opr and wars. At the VERY least, he is clearly abusing a known exploit in the game at the moment.

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Look guys I really have no time to argue with anyone here but I understand why is this accusation off us cheatting.You really cant explain when you get wipe with 5 ppl and you have 20 ppl then you choose eazy way and just accuse ‘’ Yes they cheat’’ or ‘’ Yea they using aimbot’’ or ‘’ Yea they speedhax’’. You guys never want to learn how to be better in the game so you pick the eazy way saying they are not legit and this is why we lost.Players who think the are good in game and then they get destroyed by someone will always think other players cheat this is the new gen of mmo players. We play the game for long time and this is nothing new to us so let the devs watch and scan EVERYONE of us and they can see by themselfs. In this case I prove to EVERYONE here this is the bug and you guys still saying he cheat…,This is crazy and madnes


At that distance objects, half the time don’t even render, you just shoot the name tag.


I highly doubt people are using aim bot because of how blatant it would be and easily detectable, but I’m almost certain people are using auto shot, which automatically triggers the fire button when your crosshairs pass by an enemy, so it appears that you’re aiming is normal and human like but your trigger finger is doing nothing the auto shot is firing at the perfect time every time.

Bug you are knowingly using is just cheating too

as a purple this is the first im hearing of anyone hacking, i stopped playing opr since merge cause its non stop musket shots to the head, just assumed we got an influx of musket players

this is not a musket this is a laser weapon with a quick reload !
in this game there is no weapon balance at all !!! 0/10 games !

Regardless of this particular Musket is allowing players to shoot through walls… it’s an exploit… people whos abuse this exploit is cheating… and therefore should be banned.

You can just simply use another Musket that doesn’t allow you to shoot through walls.

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Regardless of him being aim bot or cheating this or that whatever. He is still exploiting a bug and using it intentionally. That in itself is a form of cheating.

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Okay, then explain this. I was on Hy-Brasil. I was getting shot by xRubberxDuckyx the second I stepped out of our OPR first base. Since the match had JUST STARTED, he had to be at the enemy base on the other side of the damn map.

There’s no effin way he was headshotting me 4 or 5 shots in a row, from the other base at the start of the game.


@Luxendra @Kay please look into this, if this really is just an issue with rocks not rendering, they are still exploiting that fact and using it to their advantage. If this is an aimbot issue, please get them banned. I have heard from several people in their previous server, Hy-Brasil, that they have cheated and still went through. Please give us any type of response. Thanks.

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