Aimbotters welcome?

you ever banned an aimbotter?


I’ve seen a few get banned but it’s almost always a temp ban for some reason. A bunch of aimbotters were banned for 1 week last summer.


I think you’re over estimating how many people actually aimbot.

That being said, the only way people really do get banned is via mass reporting. So if they get mass reported, they’ll likely be banned whether they’re aimbotting or not.


@ yipperyapper is right here.

People think because someone has good aim he is using an aimbot but in reality there are not many aimbotters.

A lot of people have no clue how an aimbotter looks and are way to fast in using the report button xD

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Yeah, only 1-2 guys cheating and somehow game is in Most Popular list in a community of over 200.000 players.


They never banned anybody for aim-bot/aim-hack.

The few who got banned it happened because of mass report and it was temporary 1-3 days.
I’ve opened few threads about it and I got banned myself on forum for reasons like ‘marketing for aim-bot’ or some weird reasons.


oh only 49,99 dollars. its so sad and the most companys kick the cheater, bc they need them to win. play 1 primewar on nysa and you will see what i mean.

From July to September 2022, they were banning anyone with a musket that was reported enough times. I can say with 100% certainty they banned innocent players at that time.

Anyway, one of the better muskets on my server posted some gameplay footage and it looks like he is using an aimbot, but I don’t think they’ve banned him.

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Hey! Are there many cheaters on Nysa? Do you suspect anyone?

almost everyone in every single game underestimates how many cheaters there are. Most cheaters are not obvious and naïve people will defend their honour to the ends of the earth regardless of how much evidence you bring to the table.


a lot of rumors get around on nysa. but without gameplay or killcam i cant suspect anyone to 100%. sometimes you have a good day, like in csgo. but if muskets players have 70+ kills on wars, hmmm i dont know. same players hit every shoot in opr. really dont know, but sometimes you have a bad feeling.

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If they did it wouldn’t just be a bunch of musket players. It would be an indiscriminate tsunami of all weapons.


I know at least 6 muskets that have been accused of aimbot for months and none of them cheats. And I know for sure they don’t use hacks because i’ve shared war vods with them.
Average player just doesn’t know how to difference a cheater and a good musket.

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And how about introducing bullet drop and maybe limiting how far musket can shoot.

That screenshot is telling me they rarely update anything related to new world.

Still talking about new world beta having attracted 200,000 people. Haven’t updated their banner from 2022 to 2023.

Honestly makes me feel better, lol.

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I don’t really believe that, because around that period, EAC updated and a lot of cheats got detected.

So it does seem oddly coincidental that a lot of “top musket players” got “falsely banned” at the exact same time several major cheats were detected.


I was banned 3 times in 30 days (July/August). I know I’ve never cheated. I assume I was not the only one to get falsely banned.

The last time I was banned I requested my Amazon data. I was apparently reported 152 times in 6 days and banned on 7th. After that ban, I switched servers and haven’t had any problems since. I’m fairly confident people were allowed to abuse the reporting system to get people banned. I was essentially bullied off my previous server and forced to pay additional money to simply play new world. At any rate, a lot of people, including myself, made a big deal about it on the forums, and it doesn’t seem like an issue anymore. People do periodically claim to be falsely banned for botting behavior, but I’m not sure what’s going on with that.

I realize you will likely dismiss what I said, and that is fine. It is true, though.

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The AGS reports file is a list of all the reports that you yourself have made, not of reports made against you…


I had 152 reports that were not from me. I posted it here:

I’ve posted number of those type of sites/forum with their playerbase: 335,939. I cant give direct links to sites/forums because its illegal and I’ll get myself banned again xD.

But in a playerbase: 335,939; having New Player placed in Most Popular Games list it surely proves there are not ‘only few’ cases paying 50$ for that hack/cheat!
Also sites/forums of that type are up from 2022, cashing 50$ per month for MORE THAN A YEAR! And what is shocking for me is Amazon completely denying it and ignoring it to the bliss.