Alastor Lag Detected

Radrez on Alastor

I’m stuck outside of Windsward settlement gate. It just says Lag Detected and can’t do anything. What is wrong? If there is maintenance going on please can you at least broadcast it somehow, its awful communication.

Got the same problem, tell me if you fix it

Once every 5 minutes, you can walk 5 meters
Move away from the city, the city has fallen!

I’ve attempted to return to an inn in a different zone… It did not help at all. it’s fine if there is something going wrong but for the love of gawd please freaking announce it and ETA for a fix amazon! At least make a tweet about it or something! :confused:

I cant even log in to alastor its says world maintenance. The population is on medium on server to and no one can log in there.

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