All bow OPR for the millionth time

We gonna keep ignoring this issue that everyone’s been complaining about for months? No one wants to play against 10 bow players + muskets + mages. It’s getting absolutely ridiculous now. Please address this issue. @Aenwyn @Luxendra @anydevthatwillrespondaboutthisissue???

Against mages? fake news, i been playing on 3 servers and seen 1 mage in over 30 oprs


Ton of mages where I’m at. On top of 10+ Bows/Muskets per OPR.

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I don’t play a mage, but I don’t see how they could do anything else to mages at this point besides nerf flamethrower, which they are already doing. I don’t think many people are complaining about mages currently, except for flamethrower, which is just a lame ability more than anything.

Muskets probably could use their range reduced to 50-75m and for mortal empowerment to be reworked. Then give the muskets better tools to fight close.

Bows could probably use a smaller hit box, which they are kind of doing on the PTR. If that’s not good enough, then they need to reduce the scaling of the bow, so you need to play below 100 con to do any damage. 50 and 5 con can do the same damage as they do now, but a 400/100 bow would be equivalent to a 300/200 live bow’s damage.

This post isn’t really about mages. Mages are just the icing on the cake when you’ve got 10 bows/muskets slamming into doorways/open field etc.

you get easy first place with mage. of course people play it

Sooo… You’re asking to have bows, muskets and mages banned from OPR because you dislike playing against them?

Noted, sir. I sure do hope they get right on that for you :slight_smile:

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I mean it’s an ez win since none of them will be on point

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No the general consensus on this is that Bows and Muskets are fine, maybe a little overtuned (like everything else in this game). It’s some form of matchmaking that most players wish for in opr. Even out the teams with melee/ranged/heal.

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I don’t think that’s possible considering people hotswap equipment all the time. I know I do that myself depending on the match I’m in. IE - There’s been times I’ve been in SnS / WH config, hit an OPR and we have no healers so I swap over to my LS / Rapier config (for example).

Tanks up front
Cover the doors keep SGS on the tanks
Hold 2 forts

Bow OPR loses because they will never step foot on point while their team doesn’t have enough frontline to push while any hope of backcapping is clipped by 3 pvers and a wooden door.

We going to keep ignoring the reality that BowPR almost always results in a Loss for the team with more road humping stat padders ignoring objectives due to a faulted reward system?

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Imo it would be possible with x-server queue. On a single server this would most likely not work as the q time would take a lot longer if it were to even out teams.
With x-server one could q for a certain role and then be put in a balanced opr match. Would eliminate the need to spend 200g during a match and swapping gearsets.

Precisely not, because it eliminates any reason for non-bowsket players in the bowsket team to continue playing. 10 bowskets in your team is a guaranteed loss, lile you said. I don’t want to know if my team is going to lose or win while standing in fort before the match even begun.

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Mages can’t shoot light/heavy attacks as far as Bow, thats why everyone plays Bow in OPR.

You’re missing my point but that’s fine, to be expected.

It’s not even about winning and losing, really and honestly. It’s just that it’s extremely boring and toxic to play against. It’s either sit in a fort while they shoot at you from the road for the entire match, or you try to run down the road at them and just get shot at by 10 arrows at once, while they hold the S key and run across the map to save their empowerment stacks. It’s just not good for the game IMO.

Reducing the points gained by damage that must be done immediately by 50%. @Luxendra
This will at least reduce the number of springs in the OPR.

It is really impossible to run on 10 sometimes 15 springs.

Honestly I don’t care about the bows/muskets anymore. I just want balanced teams. Literally how many years are they going to make us wait for balanced teams based on classes/MMR/anything??? Oh woopty fricken doo you added some leaderboards. I could give a rats ass about the numbers. Use them to actually balance the teams, not for show…