All exp at 60 is wasted (suggestion)

Sounds obvious right? However a lot of other MMOs don’t waste the exp gains at 60 (for the most part) but New World does in a huge and unexplainable way. There is a ton of lvl 60 content like arenas and expeditions, quests that all award exp for NO REASON, since you are already 60.

Games like WoW convert the exp to gold, guild wars gave you some mats rewards for each “level” you made past max and games like Division give you a loot cache each time you make a lvl after max, Diablo has paragon points (not what I’m suggesting but just an example)

I think New World should explore these options. For one, since I got to 60 I was less inclined to turn in the “harder” town board material quests since a chunk of the reward from doing it was player exp. 40 Orichalcum ingots for 6 coins and a lil bit of standing in the area (which if I eventually get a level in at this point is like a 0.7% gain in some random thing). This kinda resulted in town board upgrades moving much slower now than ever (also lower populations affect this, but I’m going off my own and friend’s contributions lately)

Crafting / gathering exp is wasted at 200 and can also be turned into a more rewarding system.

I’m not looking for anything crazy like a paragon point system in Diablo or anything that gives huge advantages. But a simple gear cache if you amass enough exp to gain another character level. It could encourage players to do town board missions again, since it would be a little more rewarding. The cache could also have a small chance to have furniture or something cool for collectors.

At the same time, crafting / gathering exp can work the same way, awarding a “mining cache” that has gems, rare mats and some ore, maybe a small chance at a pick or mining gear etc. Cooking cache can award some food or rare ingredients or recipes. You guys get the idea, it could add a little more reward for the current “endgame” grind

TL;DR - IF you get enough player or crafting exp to gain a lvl after you’re already maxed, you should get a gear / profession cache with goodies



This needs Attention <3

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I cross reference my post as a similar idea and bump this one to :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ah I like it, like a cumulative luck / pity kind of system that uses exp instead

Do it AGS.

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I think this is a great idea. Guaranteed watermark raising chests for post-60 “level increases” would be sweet. Getting profession specific caches for leveling them past 200 would also be really cool. Maybe have a good chance for legendary crafting mats or profession gear or consumables on those.

I def feel like something was missing after hitting 60. In ESO we had the champion point system to keep you going, but allowing so much power creep has its own problems that I dont want to see here. The cache reward idea strikes a good balance between consistent rewards and avoiding a huge player gap between hardcore and more casual players.

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Saw your post on reddit. Came here to bump it. I’ve had this thought for so long, but I didn’t see anyone talking about it. What’s the point of having all these level 60 quests with large amounts of xp if it’s completely useless?


Please implement something…

Post 60 exp conversion to:

Material chests



I posted a something that begs to be given Town Standing EXP (really small exp amount like 0.5 exp per node) per gathering nodes. Hopefully they’d think about it.

How about Post 60 you get shadow levels that don’t effect your character at all but are cool bragging points and such. Then if the level ever gets increased to 70 everyone will have a head start.

That would be great !

I agree with your suggestion in your post. Very nicely worded and to the point. Also Everquest gives Alternate Advancement points which does various things as a bonus on top of what the character already has. This encourages players having reached top level to continue to progress. In a game like New World which has quite a bit of PvP involved for territory control at level 60 the bonuses would have to be restricted or diminished so as not to make them overpowered for PvP combat.

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