ALL Musket Bugs


Lets get straight to the list.
These are the bugs that happened to me within the last 2-3months.
Most of them are in the game since release and didn’t get fixed and a few came with some later patches.


Basic Autoattacks

  1. Attacks don’t do any damage at all, until you switch weapons and shoot again. It will consume ammo. Abilities like Powershot / Powderburn can still do damage when this bug is active.
  2. You can’t hit targets who are on a different altitude that are within 100m.
  3. Wrong crossair when switching weapons.
  4. Ads bug where you can’t zoom in.
  5. Can’t switch weapons when you’re locked in the zoom bug.


  1. Sometimes they don’t activate at all upon being stepped on.
  2. Sometimes they activate upon being stepped on and don’t root the target. The target has visual root effects on him and can move freely.
  3. You can simply roll over them and destroy the traps with your roll or not trigger them at all.
  4. Thrown at or infront of moving targets, causes the traps to destroy/not trigger at all.
  5. Targets are invincible while being rooted and don’t take any damage from all sources while staying still without using any dodges/skills.
  6. Traps disappear midair when you get stunned, rooted, staggered… etc while throwing them.
  7. Wrong Trap count is shown and or the numbers get mixed up.

Sticky Bomb

  1. Doesn’t deal any damage in rare instances.
  2. Can rarely disappear when you throw them on targets. (Not the Maelstrom effect)
  3. Bombs disappear midair when you get stunned, rooted, staggered… etc while throwing them.
  4. Sometimes you are in the throwing animation and can’t get out, until you switch weapons.

Shooter’s Stance

  1. Shots trigger the no damage autoattack bug.
  2. Walking bug, where you are locked in the walking animation after leaving Shooter’s Stance.

Powder Burn

  1. Sometimes Powder Burn doesn’t get used upon firing and can trigger a second time on a another target or refresh the same target. This is the only positive bug on the musket.

Please fix the major bugs.

No other class has this many bugs on their main abilities.
Musket is for a reason the least played class in New World and a huge contributor for it are these bugs, that haven’t been addressed since the release.

Anyone who has a bug i forgot can type it in the comments and I will make sure to add them.


Heres mine as well

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