All my harvesting gear was deleted after update

Prior to the update I had a harvesting set plus 2 other pieces to level up into later. When I logged on, all the harvesting gear I was wearing was missing and I was in my underwear. I checked my storage where I was holding other gear and it was gone from that too.

Can we please resolve this? I’ve spent so much money and time on that set…



I’m sorry to hear about this issue. It’s very weird that any gear is gone after an update. Could you please reply to this post with your game logs? I’ll make sure to forward the issue to the dev team ASAP and let you know when they’ve responded!

EDIT: Also it’d be very useful if you could tell me your character’s name, and the region and server you’re playing in! Thanks in advance :mage:

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It a known bug due to the patch and AGS is suppose to replace everyone lost harvesting gear.

Not sure why CS here doesn’t know this already…

Although it is a known issue, as it is due to the patch, it is very useful for us to be able to compile all the information that we can get on instances in which this issue occurs. The dev team in charge of working in the solutions to these issues are more likely to work faster the more data they can get on the situation, hence why i’m asking for the game logs :smiley:


You should mention this to keep your clients from freaking out!

Keep up the good work, not being sarcastic btw. lol

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After the update i’m missing all my Harvesting gear. Logged on and was naked :expressionless:
What do you need from me?
Where can I find those game logs?

Instructions for finding the in-game logs:
Press Windows+R on the keyboard, type %appdata% and press enter.
Open the most recent file from this folder: /AppData/local/AGS/LogBackups.
Paste the contents of the file into your message.
With this information, we’ll be able to investigate the issue further. Cheers!

Hi, There is a limit of 32.000 characters. The file contains over 160.000 characters.
Is there something specific you want out of this file?

You are not the only one everyone in my company has lost there harvester gear as well, I had my chest and gloves gone after the patch, I also had a few of my items gear score reduced but I’m only interested in will we all get our harvester gear back

Hi @emiel143 !

Yeah they can be a little long sometimes… Please do feel free to pass it through in a pastebin file :smiley:

File has been uploaded: 727945
So this is when I logged back on after the update and found my character naked.
I could also upload the file before the patch if needed.

Thanks! And yeah that’d actually be useful, i can attach both files to the escalation :mage:

Here is the file before the patch: 490364
Let me know when you have the files so I can close the upload windows.

done, thanks a lot!

Server: Annwyn
Name: Gattsu
EU Region:
Missing items ALL 5 parts of Harvester Purple Gear

Hello @distantefix same problem
Server: Arcturus
Name: Elphis
EU Region:
Missing items ALL 5 parts of Harvester T4 Gear

Hello, my Lumberjack Gear is completely gone

Server: Vicina
Name: Noraskjar
Region: EU
Missing Items: T5 Lumberjack Gear (Helm, Shirt, Pants, Gloves, Boots)

<2021-11-18 20:22:31.664>: [Info]: BackupNameAttachment=" Build(1493392) 18 Nov -

Before the Patch:

<2021-11-17 07:10:09.798>: [Info]: BackupNameAttachment=" Build(1492030) 17 Nov -

Hello @distantefix same problem
Server: Harmonia
Name: Ciganox
EU Region:
Missing items ALL 5 parts of Harvester T4 Gear 4 of them with 4.9% Luck and the chest with 4.8 % Luck
Than you in advance i hope i can have them back

will todays patch / maintenance restore the missing items ?

Also faced a similar problem. Only Seth’s Harvesting Gloves and Pants disappeared. I thought I made a mistake somewhere with cleaning the storage, but I’m always prudent. As a result, I had to buy new.
EU. Chryse