All my skins are gone store skins, twitch/prime drops etc

the transfer error is related - relog and you should be able to transfer. Let me know if the issue persists after relog.

Re installing lols. I was freakin!

Skins are back but it still says account is new and cant talk in global!

fixed thank you AGS

Relog as in go back to the desktop and try again. You shouldn’t need to reinstall it.


too late but thx SO MUCH for your fast fix on this… gives much hope for NW

Wait its all good now <3 thank you for the fast fix

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Go go power team AGS! <3

Can confirm, quick relog worked after your fix.


This is fixed for me. Thank you and @Kay for the quick fixes

can confirm its all fixed, Thanks Dev Team

All fixed!
Thank you guys vm for the fast solution!

Also fixed, well done AWS for the speed of addressing the issue & good comms!

Also remember folks - you have to put the skins back on again…so dont worry when you first log back in if your character still looks like doggy-do…Actually I might keep my ridiculous outfit for a Laz run or two

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