All Named Enemies Buffed?

Not sure if this applies to all zones. I’m seeing Mykgard thread but experiencing the same issue in Ebonscale Reach. My wife and I were doing some faction Missions in the zone and went up to the Air Shrine to find 3 chests. Since we were in the area, I said let’s go kill Shrine Master Lee, which we used to be able to kill with two of us in around 1 min or less (I usually go tank/dps, and my wife handles the heals/dps). Now the NM has tons of HP it took us a good while to kill, only to get rewarded with the usual potions.

Next, we went up to Skysong Lagoon for our next Faction Mission, I said let’s check if the same thing is happening to the named enemy that’s located by the pond area on the right (blanking out on the name). Not only did they add more enemies in the zone, but the NM that used to be on its own is now surrounded by 2-3 extra trash mobs. Again the NM’s HP has been boosted like crazy so there was no way we can kill it now, so we just ran out, saying it’s not worth it.

Next, just to test we went up to Skysong Crypt and the exact same issue…

What have you done? Did you guys just punch in some numbers to boost all the named enemies HP and not test at all? I’m no end-game player, nor pro PvP player, I’m a casual MMO player, playing different MMO titles since 2001 who just enjoyed killing named enemies to see what they drop without looking up any guides, gathering items, and crafting. This patch seemed to kill one of the things I enjoyed doing in this beautiful yet most bugged-out MMO I have ever seen and I’m very disappointed at the moment.

Played for 537 hours so far. I was excited reading the patch notes when it went up, but today was the first day where I had to ask myself “why do I keep on playing this game?”


I found the same in Shattered Mountains last night. Tend to go and potter through the mines with 2 friends. We’ve done it a few times and not had any issues. Last night the namers took 3 or 4 times as long to kill. Wasn’t just 1 with nasty mods they all were like it.
Coupled with the healing nerfs it made for a pretty unpleasant experience. I’ve leveled entirely as a healer in this game and have never run out of mana outside of an expedition, but last night was chugging mana pots like they were going out of fashion and was struggling to keep us all up in what is usually a fairly chilled area for the 3 of us.

Similar to you guys by the sounds of it, we’re certainly not into min-maxing and rushing to get the best of everything as soon as poss. We play to enjoy the game and have a good chat while we’re doing it.

I was desperate to play this game when it came out, but it feels like I’m playing it because I want to enjoy it rather than because I am enjoying atm

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