All of the endgame content is not accessible or bugged/broken


So for end game content in this game we have elite zones, dungeons, corruption portals, and outpost rush; as well as pvp.

The elite zones are fun for maybe the first day, but now there are just groups of 40 people camping every single named elite spawn or elite zone and it is impossible to get a tag on anything unless you are in a full group of 5 people. Every person that is there that isn’t in a group of 5 people gets nothing. Not to mention how annoying it is trying to hit the elites when there are 40 people body blocking each other. This is currently the only content that we have had available to us for the past week or more of being level 60.

The dungeons that are worth doing at level 60 can only be ran with the keys that people receive for free from doing the quests in the respected zone. To make more dungeon keys, we have to craft them, which requires materials from the high level corruption portals which are bugged.

The corruption portals that provide materials to craft dungeon keys say “A Tier 5 Azoth Staff is required” to close them even if we have one equipped, and they can never be completed.

Outpost Rush has been completely disabled for over a week now. Even before it was disabled, I would sit in queue for it and there would never be enough people to start a game. A side note here; I feel like the Outpost Rush queues should be cross-server so we can get into games quickly and it would also help avoid people exploiting and win trading.

The last piece of content we have is world PVP / wars. Every war I have been in in the last 5 days has been a complete lagfest where people are shown standing in place on top of the capture points. There is also an exploit which allows players to stack on one point and lag out the game and also become invincible at the same time, making any point uncapturable since so many people are abusing this exploit. So, the wars are not very enjoyable, as the outcome is already predetermined once it is known that the opposing team will abuse the exploit until it is fixed. This is not to mention that only 50 players get to participate in these wars and they are chosen by whoever stands at the War Board in town and clicks the button fast enough. Then it comes down to politics on who gets to play the game, which in my opinion is not very fair to anyone. On my server, the same guild in my faction who is not very good at wars snipes the War Board any time we push the territory into a conflict state, and they fill the war with people who are uncapable of coming to close to any victory. Since so much of the game is affected by who wins these wars, I feel like the way that the War Board works and who gets to choose who is in the wars needs to be altered somehow whether it is a random selection or whatever, it should be changed.

Continuing on this topic, since the wars are not really playable or enjoyable due to the immense amount of lag, not many people are willing to run the faction quests for a few hours to push the territories into a conflict state which drastically reduces the amount of world PVP we have.

I can’t even accomplish my goal of doing every quest because the quests in Reekwater are bugged. The quests that spawn waves of enemies just have an infinite stack of duplicate mobs spawned on top of each other that kill you within one second of going near them.

In conclusion, the only thing that we have available to do is spam kill elites and it that is not very enjoyable either due the above mentioned points. I find it appalling that all of these features could be left bugged for so long with no mention or update on them being fixed outside of the Outpost Rush forum post which states that ‘we are still working on it’. This game has so much potential, and it is really disappointing to reach max level to see all of these features just left bugged for so long. Assuming someone at Amazon reads this; if you were not aware that all of the game’s content is bugged, now you are, and as someone who really loves this game I would really like to see these features fixed asap before we lose too many players.



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Thanks. Level 60 sounds miserable

Not to mention that the MSQ is bugged out for many after coming to Shattered Mountains so we can’t even finish the main story. There is no end game at the moment and the lack of communication from Amazon astonishes me. In what other business can you treat customers like this?

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