All posts in regard to the trade dupe are being deleted and hidden

Without any word from the community managers, all threads involving the trade dupe that is now all over reddit are being deleted and hidden/unlisted so that nobody can see them.

As far as I know, I’m not breaking ANY rules by posting THIS post…

So what will their reason be for deleting this post? Or maybe banning me from the forums… For posting the truth?

I used to come to this forum to bump my bug posts in hopes that they would be fixed because I LOVED THIS GAME.

And I respected the community managers for being vocal and communicating with us… But now they are deleting and hiding our posts and pleas?

I haven’t logged into NW for 6 days and now I know I won’t be logging in period.

The community managers have set a precedent and it is that they do not care.


There seems to be one over zealous community manager, who frequently hides my posts which aren’t in any way offensive. I’m trying to get a sense of when they are “on the job”. You always get one.

I hope all people who abused that shit will get banned… our whole server economy is broken and everyone is rich AF cause they are all duping

Except those of us who actually have morals, and we’re the church mice :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s sad really, this game is done for before it could even get its feet on the ground. There’s a thread on reddit “game is done”. Spread the word and don’t let this be the standard for future MMOs

Crushes church mouse under his gold buckled boot
Lets out an evil laugh

I’ve yet to play a MMORPG that hasn’t had a gold dupe bug.
Why “spread the word”?

Don’t become invested in other people’s failure.
This game is still fun to play.

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