All servers dead. You have been proven wrong, AGS. Delete the player-controlled territory control system

Dear AGS,

So many people could foresee the results of the player-controlled territory control system, but you evidently didn’t and insisted on saving it to keep OWPVP alive – even though consistently no one wanted your OWPVP mechanics. Just search for “PvP missions” and you will see complaints about the missions and mechanics since launch if not before. Search results for 'pvp missions' - New World Forums

Now one year later and despite everything you have done, there have been even more problems. Shell companies for example. Which you took far too long to address and destroyed your player base and game credibility even more.

Delete the player-controlled territory control system. Delete OWPVP. Implement cross-server queues.

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I’m not understanding how the quotes are blaming terriroty control for their servers being dead when from what I saw it was making fresh start servers that destroyed Delos’ population. What am I missing here?


As if a single system is the reason that the game isnt a huge success anyway


Yep. Player controlled territories are bad for games in general. Have not seen a single game yet where it works and are balanced properly (and No! its not balanced in Albion online)

i actually think AGS should take All PVP completely out of the game and focus on PVE.


I have an better idea, why being an mmo? Just turn it into a survival again!

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As long as they issue full refunds for every dollar spent by people who were sold the game as a PVP and territory game then sure I guess. That would likely cost them so much that they’d just have to shut down the whole game though. Sounds fun!

Hours vs cost.

How many hours have you already played?

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Territory system is fine.

Changes to missions and the way influenced is going to be pushed, is coming soon.

If they added actual PVP content, and not exclusively PVE content for the past year maybe there would be an argument to be had. But a huge part of the problem is that PVP content hasn’t changed one iota since they added anything.

Every OWPVP change that was fun - got nerfed within a week.

No MMR, no OWPVP content. No actual updates to wars, no skirmish mode, no arena updates.

If they did what you are suggesting, turning territory control into another OPR - that would be the death knell. It’s the ONE competitive PVP mode that the game currently has. If they want to shift gears and abandon pvp to a fun mode only - that’s definitely a choice they can make. But it would be the choice that broke the camels back for many.


Thats not how it works.
Same thing here , PVP and territory is the only thing keeping the game alive in end game.
Do you know how long do you need to go from M1 to M10? less than 3 days.
Thats all the endgame in PVE right now , M10.
Crafting? for pvp purpose , most dungeons give you good pieces to run them or materia to craft BIS PVE armor.
You remove PVP Wars , and the game goes to the gutter.

That’s exactly how it works. If you paid $40 for a game you’ve put in 1,000+ hours into it’s absolutely ridiculous to be talking about wanting refunds if they make a direction change.


If I buy a refrigerator , and after 5 years , it transforms into a truck , I’d be mad.
I bought a PVP AND a PVE game , BOTH THINGS.

It’s not an appliance, it’s a $40 video game. This line of reasoning is as absurd as thinking a refund my remotely be warranted after hundreds or thousands of hours of gameplay.


You also wouldn’t get a refund for it so.


I bet I’d get a refund if my refrigerator becomes a truck xDD pretty sure thats not specified when you’re buying it.

Still , this game was sold as a pvp-pve game , and it will be still one , don’t matter how much you argue about it. You really believe there’s even a slight chance they’ll remove the pvp elements of the game? No copium , like , you honestly believe there is a chance?

I know all my friends would not play it. We play both PVE and PVP , but with ONLY PVE , would be pretty underwhelming . The combat cannot push this game to the mainstream by itself.

Right now both PVP and PVE are underwhelming. I think it would be a better idea to ask for content in both fronts , and not alienate 50% of the population , telling them their gamemode will be deleted. You really want to see NW drop below 5k players? remove pvp.

At his point removing PvP from NW is liken to removing a foot that has no toes left and is riddled with gangrene. The PvP side of the game is being left to fester and rot. :frowning:

I don’t think so. That analogy would be usable if having pvp right now in the game is detrimental towards the PVE content. Does PVP stop you from doing any pve content?

PvE isn’t my mainstay.

If abandoning pvp in the game are the best option to keep the game alive, they can absolute take that direction if they want

PvP is not whats keeping the the game alive. its the PVE

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Ignore OP, I’ve come to notice the pattern of his username. He’s a PVE andy who does nothing but cry about PVPers and OWPVP every other post. Just check his history. Entire post is just a big thinly veiled criticism of PVP.

The game is dead because it pandered to these EXACT people, wasting dev time and resources making the same shitty copy pasted dungeons with the same shitty copy pasted mobs with the same shitty copy pasted movesets instead of making the game better for PVP like it was always supposed to be. These insufferable babies couldn’t just play one of the other thousand themepark PVE mmos out there they came here to murder this game and now that it’s dead thanks to them they’ll go on to try and murder the next game with all the same garbage like ‘nobody really likes pvp in mmos!!!’.